“I have an ‘elder cat’ that is about 21 years old.  I had many concerns about when her time of transition would be, wondering if I should have her ‘put down’.  I asked Geri for help and to ask Shiver what was best for her. When I met with Geri after her reading, I was very emotional.  Geri was so compassionate, calm and caring.  Her insight, understanding and connection to Shiver and to me, was very comforting.  Geri has an amazing gift, a connection to animals, and a passion for her work. I am forever grateful Geri, thank you so much.” –C.J.


“Geri provided us with much needed comfort and clarity as we made decisions related to the care of our sweet aging dog. Her insights and messages provided some needed humor and direction. Being able to know more of what Jo was needing and experiencing was so helpful to us in confirming our choices and finding ways to help her last months with us be the best possible. The messages she shared with us were spot on in so many places where Geri couldn’t have otherwise known. Her gift and service really provided us with such support in some difficult times. We are so grateful for her help and support and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to have an even deeper connection with their fur family.”–J.R.


“Do you have an animal that maybe you have had for years that has changed it’s behavior? or gotten a new animal to your household and not sure what it really needs? YOU need to have Geri communicate with them! I have 2 cats, the male was here first and for a time was an only “child” and then adopted a female cat (named Princess). She thinks she owns the place! Geri was very helpful in reading the cats to first see if there was anything going on with their bodies. I learned where their favorite petting spots were, what they like to play with and eat. Apparently someone is in need of a softer bed 😉

I was worried about the interaction of the 2 cats. She seemed to be bullying him alot. Geri help ease my mind to help better understand the dynamic of the 2 cats. To find ways to spend time with each in the way they like and to create the environment where each animal felt empowered. Within 24 hours of her communicating with them there were changes. The male started sleeping in a chair he had not been in for years. The female seemed a bit less pushy and appreciating more TUNA!

Geri has wonderful insight and great connection with animals (and humans). I would highly recommend having her do a reading with your animals. My sister recently had a cat pass and I believe Geri would have been a great resource for both cat and human to know what each of them needed for a peaceful loving passing. Thanks Geri! Willie and Princess say thanks too!” –C.H.


“I received both sessions from Geri over the phone and in person. Both times were highly efficient for me. I felt Geri help calm my fight or flight system the first time we connected. She has a very calming nature to her shamanic energy work. I admired her knowledge of essential oils that she uses in her shamanic work. During my personal sessions with her, she helped me find my path and I know she can do the same for many others! She is a highly intuitive healer. ”


“I have been going to Geri since she first opened,  without having any knowledge what my sessions would be like.  I was mesmerized…..whatever was heavy on my heart or mind, she quickly became aware of and by the end of the session, I could feel the heaviness replaced with peace!  Her passion is evident in her practice!” –R.C.

“I started seeing Geri to help motivate and support me in my career. No matter what issue I come in with, I always leave feeling lighter, more confident, and more in control of my life path. I walk out moving forward with a clearer direction.”–R.B.K.