Shamanic Healing

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In a Shamanic Healing session I use my Kuyas—medicine stones—to balance chakras, clear imprints and extract negative energies found in the luminous energy field of the body. These imprints and energies can come from everyday stress, past traumas, and negative thought patterns, and may manifest in ongoing and unwanted behaviors as well as physical dis-ease or pain. In addition, I journey on behalf of my client in order to retrieve lost soul parts, thereby helping them remap their world. I work with both individuals and couples.

Who can benefit from a session?

Anyone wanting to…

  • relieve stress and relax
  • release chronic negative thinking and behaviors
  • clear and open the mind for new, positive thought patterns
  • relieve chronic physical pain
  • strengthen the immune response
  • bring themselves back into balance
  • reconnect with the self and become more authentic
  • retrieve lost soul parts
  • ‘death’ recurring patterns/behaviors
  • receive Death Rites

I work with clients physically in the Oak Island, NC area and remotely via Skype or phone.

A session usually lasts 1 to 1-1/2 hour.

$100 for single session

Packages (purchased in advance or at first session):
2 sessions: $180
3 sessions: $250
4 sessions: $400 and get an additional (1) session free (total of 5 sessions)

To schedule your appointment, call me at 910.616.4391, email me at

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