Animals. They make lemonade.

Animals have a ton to teach us. In fact, I believe that that is why they’re here with us. To teach us stuff. When I communicate with an animal for a client, that’s what I’m looking for, the lesson that animal is trying to teach its human. In other words, when I communicate with an animal, I’m looking for more than, “He loves his dog bed.” Or “His favorite toy is a stuffed skunk.” When I do pick up those types of things, it’s pretty cool because the human feels that validation, but it really goes so much deeper than that. As an Animal Communicator I get to hear some pretty cool lessons and I get to see how those lessons change the humans that get them.

Animals totally get the Law of Attraction. The other day I was reading an animal for a client. In a reading, I always ask the human for questions for his or her animal. This client had a question around the passing of the animal. Yes, the animal had already crossed. It’s energy. Doesn’t really matter where they are. Weird. I know. But very, very cool. Anyway, the human wanted particulars about the animal’s passing. The cool thing was, the animal wouldn’t give them to me. And he made it very clear that he wasn’t going there. What he did give me was the ‘feeling’ he had when it was happening. And it was kind of lovely. He showed me that it was peaceful and airy, a little dizzying, and very calm. Like it was no big deal. The point in this is that he down right refused to go in to any detail that would pull his human back to that time in her life and make her feel that pain and confusion again.

I talk about this to people a lot when they tell me how they’re working on an issue that they’ve had for 2, 5, 10 years. Or how their therapist or counselor or whatever is helping them re-live some horrible event so they can ‘work through it.’ As humans, we tell ourselves that in order to get over [insert issue here] we have to analyze it until we completely understand it and own it and only THEN can we get over it and move on. But in reality, by analyzing that situation to death, all we’re doing is keeping it in our vibration.

Here’s the big thing. Universe doesn’t differentiate between something that’s happening now or something that happened 20 years ago. If you’re thinking about it NOW, it’s in your vibration NOW and you are NOW attracting things with a similar vibration.

My client’s animal knew the pain she had gone through when he died. And he would NOT bring her back to that place. Because there was no good to come from it. He refused to bring her pain from the past back in to her now causing her to attract more of it. Instead, he showed me the positive aspect of what had happened. In short…

He showed me the lemonade.

In Munay…