If you can’t say anything nice…do it anyway.

Okay, I’ve totally written this blog before…or a version of it…but it’s really worth repeating so here goes.

I have a kind of goal-oriented planner called a Dreambook (dragontreeapothecary.com). Inside, there are these weekly page spreads with a place to list things you’re grateful for each day. I’ve mentioned before, I use the word ‘appreciation’ instead of ‘gratitude’, or, I just use the word ‘love’ as in “what did/do I love about today?” Every night, as I’m falling asleep, I try to spend a few minutes listing all the things I loved that day. It kind of sets the tone for a great night’s sleep. Then, in the morning and throughout the day, I try to take a few minutes to write down things I love as I move through that day. And you know what?

It REALLY helps. It REALLY makes a difference.

Now, when I talk to some people (maybe those whom may not be in the best place) about doing this, they think I’m nuts. They say, “I can’t find anything to appreciate or love!” And my response is always, “Sure you can,” and

“If you can’t say anything nice…do it anyway.”

The truth is, when you’re first starting out with something like this, you sometimes really have to reach for it. Sometimes, it’s really hard to find something to appreciate or love. Do it anyway. If the only thing you can find to love about your day is the fact that you woke up, so be it. That’s one thing. If the only thing you can find to love about your day is that the printer didn’t jam, so be it. That’s another.

The point is, to get in the habit of finding things that are good, things that you can appreciate, things that you love. And it’s completely fine if you really do have to start small. So, I invite you to conduct an experiment. Every night, right before you fall asleep, make a mental list of the things you appreciated or loved about your day. Or, you could keep a small journal, or mark it on your calendar, or hell, a napkin will do. Just write down, every day, three things you loved about your day. Do this for a week and notice how things start to change. For the first few days, some of you may have trouble coming up with three. But then watch as it gets easier and easier. Before you know it, you’ll be noticing all the things you love all the time.

I’ll start you off:
I love that I opened my eyes this morning to a large wet dog nose. I love that my Hubby wore his pink shirt today because he looks awesome in it. I love that my boy dog just looked at me when I came in to the living room and wagged his tail. I love that I had a quick, but inspiring conversation with a good friend this morning. I love the coconut water that I’m drinking. I love the fountain pen I use to write with. I love that the sun is shining.

Now you:

I love…

In Munay…