Thank the Universe for Hallmark Channel.


So today is the day. Or I guess I should say tomorrow is. The day that, hopefully, we can let go of all the negativity and finally get back to a positive outlook on life. At least that’s what I wish for some of you. I’m talking about the election of course. I think most will admit that this has been the most negative and vicious election we’ve ever seen. I remember years ago when candidates would actually say, “I’m not going to go negative.” In this election, not only have the teams involved gone negative, so has the mainstream media, and social media, and friends, and family. They’ve all gone so negative that you can’t even figure out what the real facts are. They don’t even seem to exist. And, it’s not just the candidates that people are negative about. It’s anyone who likes the other candidate. I’ve heard stories of marriages breaking up and friendships ending over this election. And that’s just too sad to even think about for me.

So, I’ve talked about the ‘fighting against’ many times before, but I thought I’d throw it out there from a different angle. At this point there are 2 teams in the race. Let’s call them Team Her and Team Him. So the people of Team Her absolutely despise the people of Team Him AND anyone who supports Team Him. And likewise, the people of Team Him absolutely despise the people of Team Her AND anyone who supports Team Her. So Team Her is spending all of its time vilifying Him, his team, and his supporters. Thereby keeping all of them in their vibration. Team Him is doing the same. All of the above are spending all of their energy hating the other guy and thereby what?

Keeping them in their vibration.

And what do we know about the Law of Attraction? “That which is like unto itself is drawn.”

So, my wish for you today when you vote is to do it with positive thoughts and energy and dare I say love for the one you want to win. Otherwise, you may be pushing the button for one, but actually voting for the other….

Me, I’m going to turn on the Hallmark Channel. It’s the countdown to the countdown you know….

In Munay…