Who Are You?

Stones Balance

Last week I talked a bit about how people hold on to stuff because they don’t know who they’d be if they let it go. I’m going to stay on that topic today. We are who we are based on our thoughts about ourselves. Sometimes those thoughts are given to us by others, or even by society. And sometimes those thoughts give us a kind of power. Unfortunately, that power isn’t always directed in the best way. Remember those people from last week’s blog who just kept the drama and the negativity around them? That’s who they choose to be. The Drama Kings and Queens. That’s their choice. We all have a choice of who we want to be. Now this may get a bit touchy for some of you (or as my friend Jenn says, ‘pokey’ and I love that description….), but I’m going to keep going anyway.

When you describe yourself, how do you do it? What do you say? In other words, Who Are You? If I were to ask you that right now, would part of your description about yourself be something like, “I’m a __________ victim,” “I’m a __________ survivor,” “I’m a product of __________”?

If so, I want you to go back and re-read those descriptions. When you say them, what words pop out for you? Where is the energy? Where is the focus of each of those sentences?

Now I know some of you are very proud of living through some really bad stuff, and you should be. Seriously. But by describing yourself in a way that’s based on the bad stuff, you’re actually keeping some of it around you. Okay, so you survived this bad thing. That’s awesome! But why not take that bad thing out of the equation all together?

Why not become something other than that victim, or survivor, or product of?

Fill in the blank….

I am ________________ …


In Munay…