Sometimes you have to break the rules.


I spent the morning with a friend who is also one of my teachers. I truly love learning from this woman because we have some sort of connection. You know those people in your life. The ones you completely understand that completely understand you. I love taking classes from her because somehow we both know to let the class go in whatever direction it’s going to go. She knows what needs to be covered in order to get the ‘certification,’ and she covers that part, but she also knows that, because it’s her and I, the potential for it to go in another, really cool direction is pretty high. And she’s good with that.

So, as I sit here in front of my computer, an hour or so after we finished up, I realize…I feel great. Yes, she took me in and out of a pretty wild meditation, so that’s part of the reason I feel so good, but I also feel so good because it’s sometimes beneficial to break the rules. It just makes you feel good! And isn’t that what it’s all about?

As kids, when we play, we make up our own games and rules. This stick is really a wand. This towel is really a cape. We’ll use this box as a throne. But as we grow older, the freedom to do that…to make it up as we go along…is beaten out of us. The stick can’t be a wand, it’s a stick and there are no such things as wands (although some of us know differently….). That towel is just a towel, the box just a box. We’re taught that it’s bad to deviate from the rules, or the path, or the direction laid out by those who came before us. We’re taught that ‘this is THE way to do it and you’re not doing it right if you don’t do it THIS way.’

But what if it’s not? And what if you are?

The question to ask is, how does in make you feel when you do it the right way? Now, I know if we had held our class the exact way we were supposed to this morning, I would have gotten a lot out of it. But I also know that by doing it the way we did this morning I got a LOT out of it.

What if you did ‘it’ the way you felt like doing ‘it’? And what if that made you feel really, really good. What if….

You broke the rules?

In Munay…