Wait for it….


Not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this before, but one of my favorite movies of all time is Joe vs the Volcano. Here’s the synopsis (spoiler alert): Joe, played by Tom Hanks, is told by a doctor that he has a brain cloud and is going to die. A business man approaches him and asks…since he’s going to die anyway…if he’d mind making an all expenses paid trip of a life time to an island in the South Pacific and jumping into a volcano to appease the native tribe living on the island so he, the business man, can get a certain element only found there, in order to make his semiconductors. Of course Joe accepts.

He travels via a sailboat captained by the businessman’s daughter, Patricia, played by Meg Ryan. While sailing, they go through a great storm and lose the crew and the boat. Patricia is out cold, Joe saves her, he’s floating there looking around, and his massive steamer trunks pop out of the water. Joe ties them together and they float to the island with the volcano. Once there, they fall in love of course and end up getting married at the lip of the volcano right before they both jump in. Not over yet…

The volcano spits them out and they go flying through the air and land in the water, together, unharmed. Patricia is amazed they’ve survived and is thrilled that they’re going to live a long happy life. But Joe? He can’t look at the positive. He says, ‘Well yea, but we’re gonna drown!’ And the steamer trunks pop up right next to them.

So once again they tie them together and are floating under this amazing sky. Patricia is all happy as usual, but Joe then reminds her that he has a brain cloud and is still going to die. She says, ‘Well, maybe you won’t. Did you get a second opinion?’ He didn’t. (Turns out, the doctor that told him about the brain cloud is Patricia’s Dad’s doctor and the truth is he lied.) She says, ‘You didn’t get a second opinion about something called a brain cloud? I mean what are you Joe, some kind of a hypochondriac?’

So now, he’s not going to die, never was, they’re married, floating on these amazing steamer trunks, there’s this gorgeous full moon, very romantic and Joe says, ‘Still. Here we are. In the middle of the ocean…’ And she says, ‘It’s always going to be something with you Joe isn’t it.’

My point in all this is, no matter how bad you feel, or how bad things look, if you sit back and relax for just a bit a path WILL light up for you. No matter how hard you fight back, no matter how negative you are, if you can just stop for a moment, just try to pivot those thoughts, the Universe will send you something to help you out. So why not…

Relax and look for your trunks.

In Munay…