The Main Event…It’s all about the Flow.


Believe it or not, Contrast is a good thing. One of the definitions of contrast is ‘a marked difference in two things.’ So, contrast is the difference between that which we do like or want and that which we don’t like or want. Unfortunately, as humans, we tend to get a bit angry when we come across things in our lives that we don’t want. We say things like, “What did I do wrong to bring this bad thing in to my life?!” Most of us immediately go negative. But what if we looked at it from another direction?

According to Abraham-Hicks, “You want the desire because it is the idea or the goal or the Creation that is responsible for a good amount of Life Force to flow through you.” In other words, we want the contrast to help us see what it is we don’t want so we can then see what it is we do want and start summoning more of that to us. Let’s look even deeper, shall we?

I tell this story all the time. Years ago, my dear friend and I were at an Abraham-Hicks workshop. We were on our lunch break and ran across the street to a bookstore. It was getting time to get back to the workshop so we got in line to check out. That’s when that contrast…and our typical human reaction…set in. There were a couple of problems at the checkout counter. I think the guy was new, the register tape was out, things weren’t ringing up correctly, etc. In other words, we were going to be late getting back to the Workshop. And I remember thinking, “What the heck! We’re at an AH Workshop! How can anything be going wrong! We are surrounded by the most awesome energy ever!” I couldn’t believe this negativity was entering our lives at that moment. But then we started talking about it. What if the whole checkout process was slow simply in order to cause us to ‘not want’ something, so that we then knew what we ‘did want.’ For example, I’ve put it out in to the Universe that I want to live a long, healthy life. So what if the checkout counter backup was so I didn’t step in to the road crossing the street and get hit by a car driven by a guy changing his cassette tape (dating myself, I know…).

Now, as my study of this wonderful thing called Law of Attraction has deepened, I’ve really starting looking at it from an even different perspective. What if it wasn’t even about keeping me alive? What if the contrast is there for an even better reason? What if….

The main event is the Life Force that is flowing through you, not the manifestation at all?

In other words. It’s all about the Flow.

In Munay…