Believe in your own Power.


There was a theme to my day yesterday. It had to do with Power. We are all incredibly powerful beings. We own our own Power. We have the Power within us to take control of our own lives and make them what we want.

But we forget that. All the time. We forget that it’s up to us to create our own lives. And, unfortunately, we let others dictate how we feel at any given time. We give someone else the Power to dictate how we feel about a situation, or another person, or even ourselves. We give someone else the Power to dictate what we do or don’t do, or where we go or don’t go. Why?

Because we don’t believe in our own Power.

In today’s society, we’re taught to be Victims. We’re taught that everything bad that happens to us was caused by someone else. And the good things that happen to us are just luck, or happen because someone else decides to throw us a bone. We’re taught that we have no say in anything and that we are, in fact, Victims in this Universe. So, when something bad happens, you see people looking for someone else to fix the problem. You see people looking for someone other than themselves to blame. What we often don’t see is people taking their Power in to their own hands and creating the world they want.

Think about it. If you’re feeling bad about something that someone else did, and you’re blaming that person for making you feel bad, who has the Power? If you’re in a bad situation and you’re waiting for someone to come make it better, who has the Power? If you’re watching the news complaining about all the bad things that presidential candidate is going to do, who has the Power?

What if, instead of looking outside ourselves to make our lives better, we looked within. What if we said, “Okay, clearly, this is what I don’t want in my life. So, what is it that I do want in my life?” And then, what if we turned in that direction and

Believed in our own Power.

In Munay…