K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Sweetie. (Those that know that phrase know that the last ‘S’ usually stands for ‘stupid’ but that’s just mean and negative so we’re going with ‘Sweetie.’) So I get that all this Law of Attraction stuff is intense, and there is a lot to remember….. Like attracts like; I get what I focus on; I have to lead with my feelings; I want to vibrate at a high level; the Universe doesn’t understand ‘no’ and ‘don’t’; I have to let go and believe; I can’t come down to another’s level to help them; I have to be patient; We all project……It’s a lot.

So let’s just keep it simple. Your purpose in life is Joy. The reason you are here is to be Joyful and help expand this Universe. Now, I know that Oprah would probably disagree with me saying that you have to find your Purpose. And that Purpose will usually involve trying to save the world, etc. I disagree. That may be your Destiny, but….

Your Purpose in life is Joy.

If you hold on to one thing about the Law of Attraction, it should be to just get happy. To find Joy in everything you do. Even if what’s happening is not Joyful, find a piece of Joy. Walk away, pet a dog, listen to a song, take a nap. Just find some Joy. Yes, you may be destined for something amazing. It may be your Destiny to cure some crazy disease, or to create great infrastructure in third world countries, or to end world hunger. BUT, you’ll never find that Destiny if you don’t live your Purpose. So, find the Joy.

It’s that simple.

In Munay…