Stand in the center.


As a Shaman, I’ve been taught to ‘Stand in the center of my Mesa.’ For those of you whom have never been to a Shaman, the Mesa is the Shaman’s medicine bag. It holds the Shaman’s Kuyas or medicine stones. The Mesa is built through a series of teachings that involve seeing from the four directions, South, West, North, and East. So, by the end of your initial studies as a Shaman you learn to see through all four of these directions. And you ultimately learn to stand in the center of your Mesa. In other words….

You find the balance.

And from that point on, you look to find the balance in all things. As I continue both my Shamanic practice and study and my Law of Attraction practice and study, I find that they are the same. You just want to find that place of peace and balance and the solidity of the center.

Now, I hear you saying, “What the hell are you talking about?”

As humans, we react. When someone says or does something, we tend to just react. We don’t take that moment to drop in and see how best to respond. We don’t take that moment to see where to respond from. We may react out of defensiveness, or fear, or anger, or hatred even. In other words, we respond from a corner, from a place of unbalance. We don’t respond from the center.

But what if we took just a second to find that center. What if we found that center and saw that maybe what that person said or did was coming from a place of fear or anger on THEIR part, and it actually had nothing to do with us? Wouldn’t coming from a place of personal balance take the sting out of the things we see and hear? And, if we ourselves didn’t respond from a place of ‘unbalance,’ wouldn’t the drama of the situation simply dissolve? And, if that drama dissolved, wouldn’t there be less negativity surrounding us?

The other day I caught a bit of the movie “National Treasure Book of Secrets.” The one with Nicholas Cage? There’s that one scene when they’re underground on this giant slab suspended in the air at just one point in the center. There are four people on it and they have to each either stay in their corners or stay together in the middle for the big slab not to dump them. Put yourself on that slab. If it’s just you, in order not do get dumped into oblivion….

Where should you be standing?

In Munay…