You can’t get sick enough to make someone else well.


Yep, you can’t get sick enough to make someone else well. You also can’t get poor enough to help someone thrive, or weak enough to help someone find the strength. As Abraham says,

You only ever uplift from your position of strength and clarity and alignment.

As humans, we feel bad for being happy about what we have. We’re out with a friend and they start complaining about never having enough money. We, on the other hand are thriving. But instead of ‘uplifting,’ we drop down and wallow in the lack with our friend. “Oh, I know. We’re in a recession. I just got a HUGE bill for _____ and don’t know how I’m going to pay it!” Even if that’s not really happening in our life, we say it because we don’t want that friend to think we’re shoving it in their face, or bragging, or just being mean. So we get as poor as they feel in an attempt to help them feel better.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t help them. It actually hurts them and it hurts us. Instead of helping them shift and raise their vibration up to meet ours, we drop down. And by dropping down, we bring ourselves the same lack. And now it’s double lack. Theirs and ours. Now, neither of us is going to thrive. You can’t get poor enough to help someone else get rich…

But you can help them shift.

How about the next time someone starts complaining about how sick they are, or how little money they have, you lift them up instead of getting sick or poor with them? Why not talk to them about shifting their thinking? Why not share your success stories with them? Why not teach them how? Why not take them along for the ride? After all…

You can be healthy enough to help make someone else well.

In Munay…