I can appreciate that…


Joy, Love, Appreciation. Those are all at the very tippity top of the Emotional Scale that we all…knowingly or unknowingly…follow. Fear, Grief, Depression, Despair. Now those all land and the very bottom of the Emotional Scale. The Emotional Scale that dictates what we manifest. The Scale that basically runs our lives. I’ve no doubt said this before, but obviously you want to be hanging around with the emotions at the higher end of this Scale as opposed to the ones at the lower end.

So, since it’s a brand new month and all, I thought I’d throw out a little challenge for you. For just one day, I want you to try and APPRECIATE as many things as you possibly can. All day. (I know some of you prefer the word Gratitude. That doesn’t work for me, but if it does for you, fine, use that.) So, right now, sitting at your computer, or on your phone, or your tablet, I want you to look around you and take stock of all the things you can appreciate. Now I know some of you might be having a hard time lately and can’t seem to find anything to appreciate or be happy about, but that’s kind of the point. Do it anyway. Find something and say…

I appreciate _____.

Here, I’ll help. I appreciate that it’s not quite as oppressively hot outside today. I appreciate that I have a glass of yummy coconut water in front of me. I appreciate that I’m kind of tired because I had a great day with friends yesterday. I appreciate that my dog is lying next to me and loves me no matter what. I appreciate that I have this computer in front of me to type on. I appreciate that the words are coming to me easily this morning. I appreciate that there was a ripe avocado in the fridge for me to eat this morning.

See, the things you appreciate don’t even have to be big things! They can be everyday little things. What I want you to feel is how they shift your mood. Even if you’re facing something really bad, I ask you to find something to appreciate. Is it the air you’re breathing? Alright! Is it the fact that you woke up? Cool! Is it that someone you dislike at the office called in sick? So be it.

Now I want you to continue to appreciate things all day. And just watch and see what happens. Watch and see what other things, or people, or opportunities you’ll appreciate start to show up. Watch and see how the people around you start to brighten up too.

See, it’s really your choice. Do you want to hang out at the low end or the high end? High end?

I can appreciate that.

In Munay…