Loosen your grip.


Have you ever noticed that when you want something to work out for you, you hold on really, really tightly to the thought of it and the outcome of it? You fixate on it happening. You imagine it over and over in your head. You talk about it. You hold on to the vision of it. You dream about it. Basically, you keep it around you.

Now, have you noticed you do the same with those things that you want to get rid of? Just like those things we want to manifest, we hold on really tightly to those things we want to get rid of. Think about it. Think about that person who did you wrong, or that bad thing that happened to you. You go over and over the situation in your head. You tell the Universe What happened. You tell the Universe When this thing happened. You tell the Universe How you feel about it happening. All in an attempt to show Universe that, “See! It was his fault! I didn’t do anything wrong! It was all him! Now make it go away!”

Sometimes, we want to improve our situation so badly that we feel we have to explain the entire problem in tiny detail to anyone and everyone who will listen, just so we’re sure Universe completely understands the problem. In other words, we keep it around ourselves….

We hold on tightly to the thing we want to let go of.

Why not, instead of holding so tightly to the thing we want to let go of, we simply loosen our grip?


In Munay…

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