So, What’s your story?

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When you’re a Shamanic Practitioner you learn to listen to those tiny little voices in your head (and you all thought they meant you were crazy, right?). So yesterday I was talking with someone about spending time each day to write about or just talk about everything you appreciate. As I was thinking about it later, it starting morphing into telling your story the way you want it to be. In other words, by appreciating everything around you, you’re telling the Universe what you want more of. As I was getting ready to start my day this morning, I was trying to figure out what to write about because nothing had come to me yet (or so I thought…) So, I get to my office and like always I pull a Law of Attraction card and get this…

“I will tell my story as I want it to be…”

Yea, so the Universe is indeed guiding you. It kind of latches on to the ideas you put out there and gives you more and more and more of the things that match those ideas. So doesn’t it make sense that you should be telling it what you actually do want more and more and more of?

You’re telling your story all day, every day. Think about it. When someone says, “How’s it going?” Your answer is telling your story. When you sit down with your significant other at the end of the day and he/she says, “How was your day?” Your answer is telling your story. When you’re sitting in your office talking to yourself about how much work this is and how you’re never going to get it done… You’re telling your story.

I use my computer and phone for my calendar, as opposed to a physical planner. I do have a physical, paper planner, but I use it as a place to ‘tell my story.’ Every day I use that planner to write down things that I loved/appreciated/found joy in that day. Nothing else goes in to that planner. Nothing negative can go in to that planner. In that planner, I’m telling the Universe/Spirit/God…your choice…what I want more and more and more of.

Some people might say that’s too hard. That their day just doesn’t have enough good stuff in it to write down. My question to those people is…

So what’s your story?

In Munay…

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