Follow your heart….not someone else’s.


Yesterday I had several just awesome sessions with clients. The messages I’m able to help them get are often just so profound that I walk away smiling for hours afterwards. As I sat thinking about it last night, I realized that there was a theme to the day. It was all about listening to your heart and doing what was right for you…not what was right for someone else. I also realized just how hard that can be sometimes. How painful it can be to do what is right for yourself and possibly hurt someone else in the process.

We are taught not to be selfish (well, most of us were anyway…). We’re taught to treat others kindly, to ‘do onto others as we would have done onto ourselves.’ (Not sure if I got that completely right, but you all know the saying…) But sometimes, when we’ve been doing that for so long, we end up putting everyone else first and thereby lose ourselves. We get so good at making sure everyone around us is happy and doing what they want and getting what they want, that we suddenly realize that we ourselves are completely unhappy, or living an unauthentic life. Not the one we were supposed to be living or wanted to be living. We look up one day and find ourselves in the middle of a life, or relationship, or job, or environment and can’t figure out how we got there. Only then do we maybe look around and see how that happened. How we were so busy making the life that maybe others wanted us to….or the life that society wants us to…

That we forgot to make the life we wanted for ourselves.

I’ve touched on this issue before when talking about caregiving. You have to take care of yourself first, or you’re no good to anyone else. It’s the same thing here. If you don’t create the life you yourself want, you’re not giving all of yourself to the people around you. And, when you finally do realize how unhappy you are, it may end up being a bigger issue to fix than it would have been to speak your truth from the beginning. In other words, be kind, but

Follow your heart. Not someone else’s.


In Munay…