Deliberately Create. It makes all the difference.


I meditate every morning and most afternoons. My morning meditation is really to help set the mood of the day. It gives me a feeling of peace and calmness and helps me start the day off the way I want to. It gives me a really good starting point. I tell myself how my day is going to go. In other words,

I deliberately create my day.

In the afternoon, I do the same, but this time it helps me shift into a new segment of my day, my personal time with family and/or friends. Abraham-Hicks used to call this Segment Intending. So, before any ‘segment’ of your day…whether it’s a meeting, or a drive, or even a phone call…you ‘intend’ how that segment is going to go. That’s what I’m doing during my meditations. Clearing my mind of any negativity and kind of pre-paving how my day, or that segment of my day is going to go.

So after a great long weekend, I was looking forward to getting back to work this morning (I actually love what I do….). Last night before bed I was thinking of all the things I was going to get to do this week and what I was going to get done, etc. Normally, upon waking, I stretch, take a drink of water and meditate before doing anything else. Unfortunately, for some reason this morning, I woke up and instantly reached for my phone. Instead of prepping for my day as I normally would, I reached for my phone and read texts and emails and messages. And what did I get? Texts that kind of pissed me off. Messages that triggered me. Emails that caused friction between me and how my day was supposed to go. And I thought, “Huh? Well that’s strange.” Only then did I ask myself, ‘Well, why in the heck did you just do that?!”

I didn’t pre-pave like I normally do. I woke up and reached for that thing that can offer so much joy…and clearly, so much angst… I reached for something outside myself first.

The lesson? Before you reach for that thing,

Deliberately create. It makes all the difference.

In Munay…