We are all one big Projector.


(photo credit: Denise Pace Sanders)

I was away last week (hence no post) taking my last class in my Light Body certification for Shamanic Healing. The class was, to say the least, awesome and absolutely life changing. And as I drove the 12 hours home from NY I sat with all the things we had delved in to. And it dawned on me….not for the first time….that one of the reasons I love these Shamanic traditions so very much is because they too are all about the Law of Attraction. They are about releasing those things that no longer serve us and creating a life full of things that do.

So one of the things we worked on during the week was Projection. We all project things on to others and out there in the Universe. We just KNOW that that person over there is bad, or scary, or mean, or just wrong. But how do we know? In reality, we don’t. We’re just projecting our own stuff on to them.

Our projections are the nuts and bolts of what we’re creating. Projections are self-fulfilling prophecies. If you believe it, it is. And a belief is just a thought you keep thinking. As humans, we tend to take our stories with us. We use projection to place the ‘stuff’ we can’t acknowledge in ourselves on to someone else. And then we think those things over and over and over again…thereby keeping them in our own vibration. But here’s the thing…

It’s just as easy to project a good thought as a bad one.

Ok, so you projected your stuff out there, and now you realize it. So you know you need to pivot. In both the study of the Law of Attraction and the Shamanic traditions, we don’t wallow in the bad stuff, the story. Instead, we change the thought pattern. We find the better feeling thought. We heal the place inside ourselves that had that thought and we move forward. Not back. In other words, we let it go. We stop poking at it. We remap our thinking and create our new world. So, the questions is…

What are you creating with your projections?

In Munay…

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