Patience. It really is a virtue.


So I sat down first thing this morning to write a blog post. And that’s basically all I did. I sat down. And then nothing. I had a subject in mind, but when I set my hands on the keyboard, nothing came out. So I did what any normal human would do…I tried to force it. And I immediately found that what was coming out really sucked. And I realized, that seems to be the case with pretty much everything. When we force it, it usually sucks. So I decided to do something radical.

I walked away.

I got up and walked away from the computer. I went downstairs and did a workout. Then I went outside and watered the plants. I brushed my dog. I picked up the phone and made an appointment I needed to make. And then I found myself in my meditation space. As I sat there for a moment, I decide to randomly pull a Rumi card from a deck I recently bought and this little gem came up…

“How many years do you need for the ruby, through the Sun’s work, to obtain its rich color and its dazzle?”


In other words, some things require time and patience and no amount of force on your part is going to make it come any faster or any better. I wanted to share a blog with you and couldn’t because I was trying to force it. But when I found the patience to walk away, I was able to come back and write.

The Universe is in divine order and it’s working on your behalf to bring you the things you desire. But by forcing the how, when, and where of that desire, you can kind of make it suck. The Universe is bringing the things you want to you in a manner better than you can ever imagine it. As humans…we want it now. But what if it’s going to be so much better if we just wait for it a bit? What if we just walk away for a bit?

What if we practice a little patience? I hear it’s a virtue.

In Munay…

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