Don’t Try So Hard.


(Photo credit: Denise Pace Sanders)

If you’ve never heard of the book E-Squared, by Pam Grout, you need to go read it. In it, she offers 9 do-it-yourself energy experiments that are not only fun, but mind blowing if you’re new to the manifesting game. She also writes a great blog that I read. A couple of weeks ago she said this:

“When we ‘try so hard,’ we negate Truth. We put up roadblocks to all the good that wants to manifest before our eyes. It’s as if we go brain dead and forget that all this ‘stuff’ we’re trying to manifest is already ours. This is important to say again. Everything you’re trying to manifest is already yours. It’s sitting right there in your field of potentiality, twiddling its thumbs.”

It’s twiddling its thumbs because it can’t, at that moment, find a way in. And it can’t find a way in because we’re not letting it in. And often, we’re not letting it in because we’re trying too hard.

When you start learning about the Law of Attraction, you kind of get excited. And there are all these little processes you can do to get your desires out there and help them manifest. The problem is, we’re human. We really want the stuff that we really want. And we want it now. So, we try every process available to us. We meditate, we say our mantras, we create vision boards, we draw mind maps, we journal…. In other words, we TRY to make things happen. And when we’re constantly stuck in that trying mode we’re on a different frequency than the stuff we want. What we’re thinking is…

I want it, but I don’t have it, so I have to try harder to get it.

Unfortunately, if that’s what we’re thinking, we can’t get it. Whatever “It” is, can’t come to us because we’re trying to get it too hard. I know, it gets a little heady… So here’s the thing. Decide what you want. Pick a process to help you put it out there in the Universe. Then go do something else. I other words,

Don’t try so hard.

In Munay….

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