Take what you want and leave the rest.


Take what you want and leave the rest. I heard that saying 23 years ago when my husband and I were taking our “Pre-Cana” classes with the Catholic church before we got married. Not sure if they still do that, but back then, they wouldn’t marry you if you didn’t take these classes. They were supposedly going to provide you with everything you needed to keep your marriage alive through thick and thin. They taught you how to ‘be married.’ So, we’re sitting in this class listening to what I felt were some fairly ridiculous ideas on marriage (see how I italicized ‘I felt?’), and one of the more enlightened teachers must have seen the look on my face when she leaned over and said, “Ya know Geri, I’ve found in life that you get to choose. You get to choose to take what you want and leave the rest.” I thought it was brilliant. And I use that saying constantly.

As I said a few blogs ago, everything is a matter of opinion. Everything is how someone perceives it. And you can choose to take it in or you can choose to just disregard it. Now, in my world, I try to listen to someone else’s opinion, because hey, it might make sense. It might actually be better than mine. I’m always open to that. But once I’ve heard it…

It’s up to me to choose whether or not to take it.

And the same goes for everyone. In other words, if you’re sharing your opinion with someone, they get to choose whether they’re going to take it or not. And, and here’s the important part…

You have to accept if someone else doesn’t take it.

And then you have to move on. You have to honor their right to take what they want and leave the rest. All that said?

Take what you want and leave the rest.

In Munay….

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