Stay on your own mat.


I’ve written about this before, but thought I’d resurrect the thought. Also, Abraham-Hicks sent out a really good…and timely…quote yesterday. It starts off saying, “The person that needs to do something is not that person. The person that needs to do something is you!” It goes on to explain that most of us feel that there are others in this world or in our lives that are ‘bad,’ ‘evil,’ ‘inappropriate,’ etc. And because they are, we refuse to think anything else of them. We just keep thinking bad thoughts about them. We say they do not deserve our good thoughts. But the fact is…

We deserve our good thoughts about them.

In today’s media filled news world, we have no shortage of terrible people and things out there to feel irate about. They’re shoved in our face daily. We’re told that we need to hate these people and fight against them in order for them to be destroyed. So we protest, and we fight against, and we constantly check the status of those evil people and their evil deeds. And we have very, very bad thoughts about them. Unfortunately, the only people who are harmed by those negative thoughts are ourselves.

Think about it. Does the politician spouting words that go against what you believe really care that you think he or she is evil? Do you think he/she cares that you think bad things about him/her? He or she doesn’t. Or, I’ll go extreme. Do those guys across the ocean doing evil things to people in the name of religion care that you think they’re evil? They do not. Clearly these people have their own problems. But, even though those thoughts you think about them don’t effect them at all, they hurt YOU. They keep those kinds of thoughts and negative emotions in your vibration and thereby end up hurting you.

So, what’s the answer? There’s this saying in Yoga, “stay on your own mat.” Now, most Yogis know that this means stop paying attention to how the person next to you is doing the pose and just do it the best way you can. Stop judging yourself or comparing yourself to someone else. But, I think it applies here too. What if we stopped looking around so much in an attempt to find something to hate, something to think bad thoughts about? What if we stayed on our own mats and maybe just noticed how well things are going right there?

In Munay….

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