Don’t Try So Hard.


(Photo credit: Denise Pace Sanders)

If you’ve never heard of the book E-Squared, by Pam Grout, you need to go read it. In it, she offers 9 do-it-yourself energy experiments that are not only fun, but mind blowing if you’re new to the manifesting game. She also writes a great blog that I read. A couple of weeks ago she said this:

“When we ‘try so hard,’ we negate Truth. We put up roadblocks to all the good that wants to manifest before our eyes. It’s as if we go brain dead and forget that all this ‘stuff’ we’re trying to manifest is already ours. This is important to say again. Everything you’re trying to manifest is already yours. It’s sitting right there in your field of potentiality, twiddling its thumbs.”

It’s twiddling its thumbs because it can’t, at that moment, find a way in. And it can’t find a way in because we’re not letting it in. And often, we’re not letting it in because we’re trying too hard.

When you start learning about the Law of Attraction, you kind of get excited. And there are all these little processes you can do to get your desires out there and help them manifest. The problem is, we’re human. We really want the stuff that we really want. And we want it now. So, we try every process available to us. We meditate, we say our mantras, we create vision boards, we draw mind maps, we journal…. In other words, we TRY to make things happen. And when we’re constantly stuck in that trying mode we’re on a different frequency than the stuff we want. What we’re thinking is…

I want it, but I don’t have it, so I have to try harder to get it.

Unfortunately, if that’s what we’re thinking, we can’t get it. Whatever “It” is, can’t come to us because we’re trying to get it too hard. I know, it gets a little heady… So here’s the thing. Decide what you want. Pick a process to help you put it out there in the Universe. Then go do something else. I other words,

Don’t try so hard.

In Munay….

Take what you want and leave the rest.


Take what you want and leave the rest. I heard that saying 23 years ago when my husband and I were taking our “Pre-Cana” classes with the Catholic church before we got married. Not sure if they still do that, but back then, they wouldn’t marry you if you didn’t take these classes. They were supposedly going to provide you with everything you needed to keep your marriage alive through thick and thin. They taught you how to ‘be married.’ So, we’re sitting in this class listening to what I felt were some fairly ridiculous ideas on marriage (see how I italicized ‘I felt?’), and one of the more enlightened teachers must have seen the look on my face when she leaned over and said, “Ya know Geri, I’ve found in life that you get to choose. You get to choose to take what you want and leave the rest.” I thought it was brilliant. And I use that saying constantly.

As I said a few blogs ago, everything is a matter of opinion. Everything is how someone perceives it. And you can choose to take it in or you can choose to just disregard it. Now, in my world, I try to listen to someone else’s opinion, because hey, it might make sense. It might actually be better than mine. I’m always open to that. But once I’ve heard it…

It’s up to me to choose whether or not to take it.

And the same goes for everyone. In other words, if you’re sharing your opinion with someone, they get to choose whether they’re going to take it or not. And, and here’s the important part…

You have to accept if someone else doesn’t take it.

And then you have to move on. You have to honor their right to take what they want and leave the rest. All that said?

Take what you want and leave the rest.

In Munay….

Stay on your own mat.


I’ve written about this before, but thought I’d resurrect the thought. Also, Abraham-Hicks sent out a really good…and timely…quote yesterday. It starts off saying, “The person that needs to do something is not that person. The person that needs to do something is you!” It goes on to explain that most of us feel that there are others in this world or in our lives that are ‘bad,’ ‘evil,’ ‘inappropriate,’ etc. And because they are, we refuse to think anything else of them. We just keep thinking bad thoughts about them. We say they do not deserve our good thoughts. But the fact is…

We deserve our good thoughts about them.

In today’s media filled news world, we have no shortage of terrible people and things out there to feel irate about. They’re shoved in our face daily. We’re told that we need to hate these people and fight against them in order for them to be destroyed. So we protest, and we fight against, and we constantly check the status of those evil people and their evil deeds. And we have very, very bad thoughts about them. Unfortunately, the only people who are harmed by those negative thoughts are ourselves.

Think about it. Does the politician spouting words that go against what you believe really care that you think he or she is evil? Do you think he/she cares that you think bad things about him/her? He or she doesn’t. Or, I’ll go extreme. Do those guys across the ocean doing evil things to people in the name of religion care that you think they’re evil? They do not. Clearly these people have their own problems. But, even though those thoughts you think about them don’t effect them at all, they hurt YOU. They keep those kinds of thoughts and negative emotions in your vibration and thereby end up hurting you.

So, what’s the answer? There’s this saying in Yoga, “stay on your own mat.” Now, most Yogis know that this means stop paying attention to how the person next to you is doing the pose and just do it the best way you can. Stop judging yourself or comparing yourself to someone else. But, I think it applies here too. What if we stopped looking around so much in an attempt to find something to hate, something to think bad thoughts about? What if we stayed on our own mats and maybe just noticed how well things are going right there?

In Munay….

It’s a matter of opinion.


This past week, my sister-in-law was down for a visit (Hi Linda!). On Saturday night a friend came over and we basically sat around drinking cocktails, watching basketball, and talking. At one point, the conversation turned to aspects of the Law of Attraction. I was explaining how we all choose. No matter what it is, we in some way chose that outcome. The hubby and the sister-in-law disagreed with me on one particular piece of what I was explaining. Now it doesn’t really matter what we were disagreeing on (it had to do with referees…) because here’s the big point, the fact that they completely disagreed with me was completely fine because…

It’s all a matter of opinion.

Yep, everything in this world is basically a matter of how you see it. It’s your opinion or your perception of a certain person, place, thing, situation…whatever. It’s all your opinion. And, here’s the bigger point…

You’re absolutely entitled to that opinion. And it’s not anyone else’s job to change your mind. Nor you theirs.

Now, those of you who knew my mother know that right now she’s saying (from her transitioned state) “BUT WHAT IF THAT OPINION IS WRONG!? What if they’re wrong?!” (love you mean it Mom!) The thing to remember is, they don’t think that opinion is wrong. In fact, they are just as convinced that what they are thinking is correct, as you are that what you think is correct.

So, let’s talk politics. (Groan!) Okay, let’s not talk politics, let’s just talk around politics. As we all know and have heard, there are some people out there that think we are all absolutely going to DIE if the Donald becomes President. And they truly believe that they are right. And, there are some people out there that think we are absolutely going to DIE if Hilary or Bernie becomes President. And they truly believe that they are right. Now, what do you think the chances are that either of those groups are going to convince the other to change their mind? I’m thinking they’re slim. So, why bother?

How about the next time you disagree with someone, instead of getting angry, or worried, or afraid because that person doesn’t agree with you, and instead of trying desperately to convince them you’re right and they’re wrong…you take a second to step back and realize that it’s all a matter of opinion. And then you just enjoy the debate, have a cocktail, and enjoy the end of the game. That’s what we did anyway…

In Munay….