The Art of Listening


In my Shamanic Practice I use a variety of tools with my clients. I use stones, essential oils, rattles, pendulums, and crystals. But I also use my sense of hearing and I ask my clients to do the same. And really, it’s not so much hearing as it is listening. So the goal of this Energy Therapy…as I like to call it…is to help my clients find a new map for their lives, or a healed state. In a session, yes, we let go of a bunch of negative, non-productive stuff. But we also look for that new path forward. And, in order to find that path…

We have to listen from within.

So after I use all the paraphernalia mentioned above, my client gets off the table and we talk…and we listen. I ask them to ‘drop in’, get quiet, shut their mind off, and just listen to whatever answers come up as I’m asking the questions they want to know. I’m asking them to listen to their Source. It’s not an easy thing to do. Our mind, or actually our left brain, gets in the way. That part of our brain that is practical and already ‘knows’ things. That part of the brain that ‘knows better’ can really get in the way. And, when I’m asking clients to ‘listen’ and tell me what they see, feel, or hear, they often hold back because that thing they’re seeing, feeling, or hearing doesn’t make any sense to them. Well, it doesn’t make any sense to their left brain. That left brain knows that’s not the right answer because maybe it doesn’t fit in with what left brain thinks you should do.

But what if the answer you get when you truly listen from within, is exactly what you need to do? Guess what? It is. It’s your Source guiding you. We’ve talked about your feelings and emotions and how you need to use them to guide you. If something feels bad, don’t do it! If something makes you deliriously happy, do it! But what I find is that sometimes we just complicate things too much. I sometimes find myself saying, “Well, how does this make me feel? I can figure out how I feel about this!” And I get all confused because left brain is in there trying to make me do the ‘right thing.’ It’s at those times that I’ve learned to drop in and listen.

Now I know I’ve had more training in this than the average person, but trust me, we can all listen and we can all hear what Source is trying to tell us. The next time you’re trying to make a decision…should I start that new business venture, should I end this relationship, should I take that class, should I schedule that vacation…and you can’t seem to do it, I invite you to find a quiet place to sit. I invite you to relax. I invite you to drop in to yourself. I invite you to ask the questions. And then…

I invite you to listen.

I guarantee you, you’ll hear something. And, you’ll know it’s right.

In Munay….