You Win Some, You Lose Some.

Stones Balance

Like most of the people I know, I watched the Super Bowl last night. One team won, one team lost. That’s how it usually works. This morning while on FB (remember, love-hate relationship…) I saw something a friend posted. It was a video of the quarterback from the losing team at his post-game press conference. He was clearly not happy. Understandable. However, he handled the conference with 3 to 4 mumbled ‘No’s’ and then stood up and walked out.

In life, we often find there’s a winner and a loser. Maybe someone beats you out for a promotion, or maybe you lose to some ‘situation.’ Whatever. Often in life, someone or something wins and someone or something loses.

Now, I know losing sucks. It hurts. We’ve all been there. Whether it was in a team situation, or that life situation. When you lose, it sucks. You feel bad. You’re unbelievably disappointed. You’re frustrated. You’re confused. You’re just freakin’ pissed! On the other side, when you win, you feel elated! You’re happy as hell! You’re on top of the world! You’re filled with joy! You feel good about yourself! But here’s the thing…

How you choose to lose, or to win makes all the difference in your world.

What if the next time you lost something, you reached for a feeling of grace? What if you tried to find the lesson in the loss and use it in the future? What if you tried to find something to appreciate in the loss? What if you congratulated yourself for making it as far as you did? What if you turned your frustration around and congratulated your opponent for making you perform better? What if you challenged yourself to do better next time?

What if the next time you won, you were humble? What if you took the time to thank everyone that helped you win? What if you didn’t shove it in the face of the team or person you beat? What if you turned to your opponent and thanked him for a great competition?

You win some, you lose some.

How, is up to you.

In Munay….