There Are Two Sides to Every Story


So, according to the Law of Attraction, you ask and it is given. It’s the law. Sounds easy, right? Well, in our individual realities, it can be tricky. You see, any subject we focus on is really two subjects: the having of it and the lack of it. Let’s take money. As Abraham-Hicks says in today’s quote, “The subject of money is really two subjects: (1) money, plenty of money, and (2) absence of money, not nearly enough money.”

What often happens is we say, “I want plenty of money coming to me on a regular basis.” And we think we’re thinking positively about money. When in reality, we may be feeling fear or discomfort as we say those words. So, we may actually be speaking the subject of not enough money.

Ask yourself this. When you ‘ask’ for more money (or a better relationship, or to lose weight, or to get a better job, or to get a new car…), How are you asking? Do you say over and over and over again (with teeth gritted) “I want more money now. I want more money now. I will have more money. I will have more money! I need more money!” Or, do you sit back and relax and say, “I want more money. And when I get more money I’m going to go on a wonderful vacation. I’m going to lie on a beach and soak up the sun. I’m going to eat in wonderful restaurants and drink wonderful wines. Money flows to me easily and allows me the freedom to do the things I want!”

Can you feel the difference in those two examples? In the first example, even though you’re saying the words that you want more money, the feeling place behind them is all about not having enough. In the second, it feels so much better! You’re talking about ‘why’ you want the money and ‘what’ you’re going to do with it. And it’s the same for whatever it is you’re looking to manifest. When you find the feeling place of what you want and why you want it, you’re no longer talking lack.

So the questions is, which side are you on?

In Munay….