Sometimes you just need a little help.


So this is a little departure from our usual subject…but then again, not really. I’ve recently gotten very involved with and done a lot of research on Essential Oils. I now use them in my house for a ton of stuff…. to get rid of a headache, to clear my sinuses, to stop my oh-so-fabulous hubby from snoring at night, to calm my dogs, to thicken and grow my hair, I even mix them in my moisturizer to diminish fine lines and wrinkles (yep, they work for that!) and now…I’m using them to raise my vibration.

So we should all know by now that everything in this world is vibration and it’s all vibrating at different frequencies. Good, happy, joyful, healthy feelings are vibrating at a higher level than sad, depressed, hopeless feelings. A fairly healthy human body vibrates somewhere between 62-68MHz. That same body with a cold vibrates a little less, around 58MHz. Add something worse, like the C word, and the body is now vibrating around 42MHz. And finally, when you begin to transition (for those of you who don’t speak like the whack job I am that means die) your body is vibrating around 25MHz.

But did you know that many Essential Oils vibrate at crazy high levels? I’ve included a chart below so you can see some of those levels (the ones in green are blends of different oils). Now, full disclosure, these vibrations are from very pure, high end oils. They are first distilled and not cut with any chemical. The stuff you buy in the grocery store probably isn’t vibrating at these levels. Just so you know… Anyway, Essential Rose Oil, for example, vibrates at 320MHz! Two of my favorites, Frankincense and Lavender vibrate at 147MHz and 118MHz respectively!

Well you don’t have to smack me over the head with a two-by-four. I want to vibrate at as high a level as I can. I want to be happy. I want to be healthy. I want to live in a state of grace. I want to be abundant. And sometimes, I just need a little help. So the question is…

What are you using as your perfume?

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In Munay….