Follow Your Gut. No Matter What.


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Okay, this post is kind of a continuation of, or at least related to last week’s. And it’s a bit long, but it’s entertaining and worth it…. So, yesterday was what I’ll call ‘challenging.’ But the entire day could have been avoided if I had followed my gut and stuck with what I KNOW was the right decision. Here me out….

I had to go for my 6-month labs, my blood draw. This is never a real pleasant experience, but I’ve learned how to get through it fairly quickly and without too much drama. Because my veins are oh-so-tiny and I’ve got this big mental thing (trust me, I’m working on it…) with people sticking needles in me, I have been know to pass out…I don’t get all drama queen or anything, but if I’m not lying down when that needle goes in, the chances of me ending up that way are fairly high. Therefore, I’ve learned to ask for a bed or at least a reclining chair when we do this. And I was prepared yesterday. It was a beautiful car ride up to my Dr’s office, I had been hydrating profusely for over 24 hours (plumps your veins), I was listening to Law of Attraction downloads in my car, etc. I was in alignment and in the right ‘head space’ for this appointment and damn it, things were going to go great!

So I get to the office and wait a bit before they call me back to ‘the chair.’ The little, upright, non-reclining chair with the extended side things where you lie your arm out for them. This is my first time at this office, so I tell my nurse that it’s really best if I’m lying down. “Not a problem,” she says, “but the offices are currently occupied, so we’ll just have to wait a bit. Is that ok?” “Not a problem!” I say. So I go back to the waiting room and it starts…. I start thinking. ‘You’re ridiculous Geri! Why can’t you do this! You’re not a child! You’re screwing up their whole day. Because of you, other patients are going to have to wait! You’re making them rearrange things here! You’re ruining this nurse’s day.’ In other words, I am quickly coming out of alignment. I can feel the stress levels notching up and I’m thinking about making a bad decision.

A few minutes goes by and my nurse comes back and apologizes that it’s still going to be a bit, and I do it. I make a decision. I make a decision from a place of complete dis-alignment with Source. I make a decision when I know it’s wrong, my gut is telling me it’s wrong. And here’s the thing.

I’m thinking about what’s best for the people around me, not what’s best for me.

So I tell her, “Ya know what, this is silly. I can do this. Let’s just do it in the chair.” (Ok, I know I could make my point right now, but then you wouldn’t get to hear the rest of the story, and it’s kind of funny so I’m going to finish…)

So I sit down in the chair and she starts doing her thing. Fortunately, these guys are incredibly good at what they do and are also very smart, so they’ve got two people with me. One keeping her very cold had on my head, ya know, just in case. Now I’m not sure if any of you have ever passed out, but it happens fairly slowly. You start to get a little dizzy and you usual say, “Huh, I’m a little dizzy.” Then you kind of feel like you’re having a little dream until somewhere inside that dream you say, “Crap. I did it again.” And then you start to smell ammonia because someone is holding a little stick of it under your nose. And finally, you start to come to and you’re shaking and sweating and ABSOLUTELY MORTIFIED that you did it again. (Best part coming, I swear…)

So they now have to move another patient already waiting in a room out of that room so they can lie me down. At this point I just want to get out of there, but they insist. I get in the room and tell them, “I’ll be fine, I just need like 5 minutes to clear my head.” “No problem!” they say, “Someone will be back in 5.” But then it’s only like 2 minutes before my original nurse comes back in…and she’s holding the tray. The one with the needles and tubes and elastic thingy. And I just know.

They didn’t get enough blood the first time and they have to do it again.

Now to my point. If I had made the right decision, the one made from my place of knowing and alignment, the one that I had already made prior to getting there, not only would it have ended up being right for me, but it would have been better for everyone else in that office….so,

Follow your gut. No matter what.

In Munay….

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