Pay attention to how you feel.


What is Source? Source is the non-physical, bigger part of you. The authentic You. The You that has everything you want. The You that knows that your purpose in this lifetime is to be happy and joyful and appreciative every day. Source is that pure, positive energy you. And, Source is guiding you in every moment.

When you feel bad, it only means you’re not in alignment with Source. When you feel sad or depressed or frustrated or scared, it only means you’re not in alignment with Source. Your Source doesn’t feel any of those things. Ever.

When you’re aligned with Source, you feel good. You feel happy. You feel appreciative. You feel alive. You have a smile on your face. You walk with a spring in your step. Answers or solutions come to you easily. All the right people step in to your life. The ‘things’ you want just start showing up. Life is awesome when you’re in alignment with Source. But remember, Source is just the bigger part of you. So, how do you stay in alignment with You?

Pay attention to how you feel.

We’ve all been there. You’re about to do something…make an offer on a house, take a new job, say yes to an invitation, move on from a relationship…but somewhere deep inside you, you just don’t feel right about it. Something inside you is telling you something. There’s an uneasiness surrounding what you’re about to do. The process or decision feels forced. That’s Source guiding you. If you’re not feeling absolutely aligned when you’re looking for an answer or solution…

Now is not the time to make a decision about it.

By paying attention to how you feel you align with Source and then all decisions come quickly and easily. The answers just start showing up.

And you just know they’re the right ones.

In Munay….

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