Take it down a notch.

Stones Balance

For Christmas, Universe gave me a cold. Well, really I did. I gave myself a cold. By letting my thoughts get all congested and just plain overwhelming, I gave myself the crud. (If you want to learn more about different ailments and what really causes them, check out “You Can Heal Yourself,” by Louse L. Hay) But, knowing what I know, I knew that it was up to me to get rid of it as quickly as possible. So, I had a choice. I could either wallow in it and moan and groan about it all day… “This is the worst cold ever! Those damn kids gave me this. Nice Christmas I’m going to have all stuffed up! I get a stupid cold this time every year!”… and pump all this energy in to it…

Or, I could just brush it off and say things like, “It’s just a temporary condition. This is going to move super fast. I’ll feel much better tomorrow!”

I chose the latter. And ya know what? It was. It did. And I did.

So I wrote a few weeks ago about not constantly touching base with reality if you don’t like that reality. But, again, sometimes that’s super hard. I mean, I had a cold. I was walking around with tissues shoved in every pocket because I had to blow my nose so much. I was a mouth breather. So, ignoring it just wasn’t possible. But,

Taking it down a notch was.

By not giving that cold the power I could have, I moved it along quickly. I took my thoughts about that cold and shifted them. I made them lighter. I didn’t give them all of my energy. I basically told that cold how this was going to work. In my own words I told it, ‘You’re going to move quickly. You’re going to have very little impact on my life. You’re going to cause minimal discomfort. Period.”

Sometimes you can’t simply ignore your reality. But you can control it. You can manipulate it to work for you. So those of you out there whom now have ‘the crud’ (you know who you are…)

Take it down a notch.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and much Joy and Abundance in 2016!

In Munay….

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