Those of you who know me know I’m addicted to cheesy Christmas movies. I watch them all. Every year. Over and over again. I can quote them. I sing the stupid songs from them. What can I say, we all have our vices. Occasionally, I do stray from the rom-com type found on the Hallmark Channel and settle in for one with an actual message. Yesterday I watched Polar Express (again…). Remember at the end, when the conductor is punching their tickets? When he gets to the boy’s, he punches “Believe.” And, afterall, that’s what the whole movie is about isn’t it? Believing in what maybe most people don’t.

When we’re working on something or trying to manifest something, we spend a lot of time saying what we really want, but do we really believe that it’s going to come? The belief that it will manifest is the key. If you don’t believe, you’re putting up resistance.

Think about your basic mantra. We come up with a mantra and say it over and over and over. And often, it just doesn’t work. We don’t get the money, or lose the weight, or get the job, or meet the lover.

Because we don’t believe that we can.

Think about it. Does your mantra say something or ask for something that you really don’t believe is possible? Hmmmm. And we wonder why Universe isn’t aligning everything we’ve asked for. You’ve got to put it out there, BELIEVE that it’s going to happen, and then get out of the way and enjoy the unfolding of it.

Abraham has a great quote. When someone asked, ‘Abraham, if we can be, do, or have anything we want, why don’t people who’ve lost a limb just create a new one?’ And Abraham’s answer is, ‘Because they don’t believe they can.’

What do you believe?

In Munay….

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