Take it down a notch.

Stones Balance

For Christmas, Universe gave me a cold. Well, really I did. I gave myself a cold. By letting my thoughts get all congested and just plain overwhelming, I gave myself the crud. (If you want to learn more about different ailments and what really causes them, check out “You Can Heal Yourself,” by Louse L. Hay) But, knowing what I know, I knew that it was up to me to get rid of it as quickly as possible. So, I had a choice. I could either wallow in it and moan and groan about it all day… “This is the worst cold ever! Those damn kids gave me this. Nice Christmas I’m going to have all stuffed up! I get a stupid cold this time every year!”… and pump all this energy in to it…

Or, I could just brush it off and say things like, “It’s just a temporary condition. This is going to move super fast. I’ll feel much better tomorrow!”

I chose the latter. And ya know what? It was. It did. And I did.

So I wrote a few weeks ago about not constantly touching base with reality if you don’t like that reality. But, again, sometimes that’s super hard. I mean, I had a cold. I was walking around with tissues shoved in every pocket because I had to blow my nose so much. I was a mouth breather. So, ignoring it just wasn’t possible. But,

Taking it down a notch was.

By not giving that cold the power I could have, I moved it along quickly. I took my thoughts about that cold and shifted them. I made them lighter. I didn’t give them all of my energy. I basically told that cold how this was going to work. In my own words I told it, ‘You’re going to move quickly. You’re going to have very little impact on my life. You’re going to cause minimal discomfort. Period.”

Sometimes you can’t simply ignore your reality. But you can control it. You can manipulate it to work for you. So those of you out there whom now have ‘the crud’ (you know who you are…)

Take it down a notch.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and much Joy and Abundance in 2016!

In Munay….

Choose your words wisely….


So I’m not a big fan of organized religion. There, I said it. If you’ve read this blog, you should get that I AM a fan of God/Spirit/Universe or whatever it is you want to call it. I’m just not in to someone or some group telling me HOW I should believe in God/Spirit/Universe or whatever. (Notice how I used the word “I’m”? As in, that’s just me. If you’re in to it, that’s awesome. I am in NO WAY saying that organized religion is bad, or evil, or whatever. As long as whatever YOU’RE in to makes you happy, then I’m happy. So everyone stand down…) Back to my blog…

I’m also not a fan of what I call ‘TV Church.’ So yesterday I’m cruising the channels looking for a good Christmas movie and I come across a big name TV Preacher right at the moment when he says, “Don’t use your words to describe your situation, use your words to change it.” And I thought, “Wait a minute! This guy knows what he’s talking about!” And I watched his entire sermon. And it was brilliant.

He was talking Law of Attraction. He was talking about how your words and hence your thoughts, create your reality. And he nailed it. What most of us do when someone asks us how we’re doing is reply with what our reality is. “Well, I feel like crap today. I’ve got the cold I get every year. And the bank turned down my application for a loan. And Johnny just got kicked out of school again. I tell ya, life is a bitch and then ya die.”

We use our words to describe our situation.

What if we used our words to change our situation? As I’ve said a hundred times before, I get that when the situation is dire, it’s pretty hard to come up with something positive to say. But, if you try, you can. And remember, who cares if it isn’t exactly true right now! The point is…

By ‘putting it out there,’ IT WILL BE!

Here’s an example. Suppose all those things I mentioned above ARE true in this here and now, but you decide you’re not going to give them that power to continue getting worse. You’re going to create your own, new reality. So when someone asks how you’re doing you say, “Ya know, all in all, pretty good. I had a cold, but it moved through so quickly I barely noticed it. I’ve got a lead on a great bank that’s going to help me with a loan. And we’re looking at a new school for Johnny. One that really understands his unique needs. Things are really turning out well for me. And I’m feeling good about it!” You speak the change you want. Over and over again. And you’ll eventually believe it. And it will become your reality.

Sounds too simple, right? Sounds like it will never work.

But what if it’s not and what if it will?

Merry Christmas Everyone!

In Munay….

Stop Touching Base with Reality


I’ve written about this before, but it’s worth repeating. I get this question all the time. “Where’s my stuff?” I’ve been putting it out there and I’m not getting my stuff.” And I get the frustration. Happens to all of us. So let me ask you…

Are you paying too much attention to your current reality?

In other words, are you focusing on, and paying attention to, the fact that you haven’t gotten your stuff, or are you paying attention to the stuff itself?

Let me give you an example of how we usually try to manifest something. And, in honor of the holidays, I’ll make it one that many (dare I say most?) of us are familiar with. Let’s say you want to lose some weight. So, knowing what we know about the Law of Attraction, you decide how much weight you want to lose and/or you find an example of the perfect body for you. Every day you spend some time focusing on that picture. You see yourself in that beautiful body. You see yourself enjoying exercising. You see yourself eating wonderfully delicious and healthy foods. You see yourself fitting in to those clothes in the way back of your closet. And after awhile, you actually start to get excited about it! (Remember, a belief is just a thought you keep thinking…) You actually believe you’re going to have this beautiful body! You’re going to lose the weight! You’re going to look and feel so much healthier! When you look in the mirror, you actually do feel better! You actually do look better! And then what do you do?

You step on the scale.

And it isn’t the number you want it to be. And all those good feelings abruptly stop. You feel dejected. You feel like a failure. You feel sad and depressed. What did you do wrong?

You paid too much attention to reality.

By constantly checking on the progress of your ‘stuff’, you’re actually thwarting that progress. By checking in with your current reality, you’re slowing down your future reality. And here’s the important part. When you were visualizing that new, beautiful, thin body, how did it make you feel? Now, how did it make you feel when you stepped on the scale?

How would you rather feel?


In Munay….



Those of you who know me know I’m addicted to cheesy Christmas movies. I watch them all. Every year. Over and over again. I can quote them. I sing the stupid songs from them. What can I say, we all have our vices. Occasionally, I do stray from the rom-com type found on the Hallmark Channel and settle in for one with an actual message. Yesterday I watched Polar Express (again…). Remember at the end, when the conductor is punching their tickets? When he gets to the boy’s, he punches “Believe.” And, afterall, that’s what the whole movie is about isn’t it? Believing in what maybe most people don’t.

When we’re working on something or trying to manifest something, we spend a lot of time saying what we really want, but do we really believe that it’s going to come? The belief that it will manifest is the key. If you don’t believe, you’re putting up resistance.

Think about your basic mantra. We come up with a mantra and say it over and over and over. And often, it just doesn’t work. We don’t get the money, or lose the weight, or get the job, or meet the lover.

Because we don’t believe that we can.

Think about it. Does your mantra say something or ask for something that you really don’t believe is possible? Hmmmm. And we wonder why Universe isn’t aligning everything we’ve asked for. You’ve got to put it out there, BELIEVE that it’s going to happen, and then get out of the way and enjoy the unfolding of it.

Abraham has a great quote. When someone asked, ‘Abraham, if we can be, do, or have anything we want, why don’t people who’ve lost a limb just create a new one?’ And Abraham’s answer is, ‘Because they don’t believe they can.’

What do you believe?

In Munay….