What if…?


So we know that everything we manifest in our world is due to our thoughts. Everything that goes right, or wrong, comes about because of what we believe to be true. And a belief is simply a thought we keep thinking. So, what if we change the thoughts we keep thinking? What if we change our beliefs?

What if we got up every morning and the first thing out of our mouths was something beautiful? Something beautiful about ourselves, or our home, or our partner, or the weather outside, or the job we were getting ready for. What if we started our day not looking in the mirror and finding something we didn’t like about ourselves, but instead found something we loved about ourselves?

If our thoughts and beliefs manifest our world, can you imagine the shift we would have if we changed those thoughts and beliefs? Change that one thought and another like it will come. Then another. And another. And another. And before you know it, you’ve changed your beliefs and changed your world.

What if…?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

In Munay….



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