What are you pushing away?


I’ve talked before about how fighting against something is useless because when you’re fighting against it, you’re just keeping it in your vibration. Your attention to it keeps the thing you don’t want in your face. Pretty straight forward, right? Well let me confuse you now.

Whenever you find yourself criticizing someone for the way they have achieved something…let’s say money…you’re actually pushing that money away from yourself. “What?!, said you.” Hear me out.

Say you’re looking at some billionaire sports star thinking things like, “That’s insane that this guy makes so much money! He barely does anything to deserve it! He’s just got a good agent. There are so many more deserving people out there! He shouldn’t be aloud to make that kind of dough!” Those things you just said are pushing that money away from you. Think about it. What were the emotions going on inside you when you thought those things about that dude? Envy, anger, resentment, judgment…and where are those emotions on our emotional scale? Yep, at the bottom. So instead of focusing on how nice it would feel to have that amount of money at your disposal, you’re criticizing him for having it at his.

And it works that way on every subject.

When you’re criticizing the way your neighbor manifested a beautiful new car, you’re keeping a beautiful new car away from you. When you’re critical of how your coworker finagled a promotion, you’re keeping a promotion away from you.

So what if next time you see someone attract something you want in to his or her experience, you congratulate them? Why not look at how much fun he or she is having with it? Why not think about how great it will be when you have something similar?

Why not stop pushing it away?

In Munay….

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