There is no source of evil…


Just like last week’s blog, this one may cause some reactions. Especially if you’re a very religious person, as in organized religion. So here we go…

There is no source of evil.

There is only a source of good. And you’re either following that source or you’re not. And if you’re not, it can feel like Hell.

So, there is God/Source/Higher Power/Universe whatever you call it and there is lack of God/Source/Higher Power/Universe whatever you call it. There is no Devil and Hell. Those are just dramatic words for the lack of Good. There is no source of evil. Just a source of Good.

Which are you following?

The Good is constantly calling you towards it. It’s up to you whether or not you’re listening. Think of a river. The Good is all down stream. It’s easy to get to. You just let go, enjoy the ride and float. Be happy, be joyful, love. The not so good is all up stream. It’s the stuff you struggle for. You paddle and paddle and paddle and never seem to get anywhere. You say things like, “God is testing me. To be a good person, I need to struggle and I will be rewarded. And if I don’t struggle, I’ll be punished and go to Hell.” So I have a question. Since God is all loving and good, why would He/She want you to struggle? My answer is, He/She doesn’t.

Good (or God…) doesn’t want you to struggle. Good doesn’t want to punish you. Good wants you to live your life as close to joy at all times as possible. Why would Good test you? Good wants you to have all the good stuff. And if you stop struggling, you’ll float right in to that good stuff. So, it’s not a choice between Good and evil. It’s a choice between allowing and not allowing. It’s a choice between Good and lack of Good.

Are you struggling or floating?

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In Munay….

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