Grace vs Happiness


Those of you who know me know I am a student of The Light Body School of the Four Winds. I study under Shamans and practice Shamanic Healing and Energy work. So I’m always reading up on this kind of thing. The founder of my school, Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D, writes several of my favorite books on the subject of healing the self. In Mending the Past and Healing the Future with Soul Retrieval, Alberto writes a passage about Grace vs Happiness. It’s become one of my favorite sections of all his books. Whenever I’m feeling disconnected or ungrounded or just a bit confused about something around me, I reach for that book and reread that section.

Alberto says most of us confuse Grace and Happiness. And he’s right. When you think of happiness, you think: ‘when _____ happens, I’ll be happy,’ ‘when I get ______, I’ll be happy,’ ‘if she would just ____, I’d be happy.’ In other words, your happiness is conditional. It’s dependent upon something outside of yourself. It’s dependent on events and circumstances outside of yourself. Alberto calls it “fleeting and causal.”

Grace, on the other hand, comes from within.

Grace is that innate sense of well-being. It’s inner peace. It’s feeling good about yourself and your circumstances without any conditions. It’s something we’re born with. It’s being okay, right now, without condition, no matter what anyone else is doing. It’s lack of fear. It’s all we need. Our natural selves live in a state of Grace.

Think about it this way…. Happy is an adjective. It’s a word describing a noun.

Grace is a noun.

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