There is no source of evil…


Just like last week’s blog, this one may cause some reactions. Especially if you’re a very religious person, as in organized religion. So here we go…

There is no source of evil.

There is only a source of good. And you’re either following that source or you’re not. And if you’re not, it can feel like Hell.

So, there is God/Source/Higher Power/Universe whatever you call it and there is lack of God/Source/Higher Power/Universe whatever you call it. There is no Devil and Hell. Those are just dramatic words for the lack of Good. There is no source of evil. Just a source of Good.

Which are you following?

The Good is constantly calling you towards it. It’s up to you whether or not you’re listening. Think of a river. The Good is all down stream. It’s easy to get to. You just let go, enjoy the ride and float. Be happy, be joyful, love. The not so good is all up stream. It’s the stuff you struggle for. You paddle and paddle and paddle and never seem to get anywhere. You say things like, “God is testing me. To be a good person, I need to struggle and I will be rewarded. And if I don’t struggle, I’ll be punished and go to Hell.” So I have a question. Since God is all loving and good, why would He/She want you to struggle? My answer is, He/She doesn’t.

Good (or God…) doesn’t want you to struggle. Good doesn’t want to punish you. Good wants you to live your life as close to joy at all times as possible. Why would Good test you? Good wants you to have all the good stuff. And if you stop struggling, you’ll float right in to that good stuff. So, it’s not a choice between Good and evil. It’s a choice between allowing and not allowing. It’s a choice between Good and lack of Good.

Are you struggling or floating?

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In Munay….

Grace vs Happiness


Those of you who know me know I am a student of The Light Body School of the Four Winds. I study under Shamans and practice Shamanic Healing and Energy work. So I’m always reading up on this kind of thing. The founder of my school, Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D, writes several of my favorite books on the subject of healing the self. In Mending the Past and Healing the Future with Soul Retrieval, Alberto writes a passage about Grace vs Happiness. It’s become one of my favorite sections of all his books. Whenever I’m feeling disconnected or ungrounded or just a bit confused about something around me, I reach for that book and reread that section.

Alberto says most of us confuse Grace and Happiness. And he’s right. When you think of happiness, you think: ‘when _____ happens, I’ll be happy,’ ‘when I get ______, I’ll be happy,’ ‘if she would just ____, I’d be happy.’ In other words, your happiness is conditional. It’s dependent upon something outside of yourself. It’s dependent on events and circumstances outside of yourself. Alberto calls it “fleeting and causal.”

Grace, on the other hand, comes from within.

Grace is that innate sense of well-being. It’s inner peace. It’s feeling good about yourself and your circumstances without any conditions. It’s something we’re born with. It’s being okay, right now, without condition, no matter what anyone else is doing. It’s lack of fear. It’s all we need. Our natural selves live in a state of Grace.

Think about it this way…. Happy is an adjective. It’s a word describing a noun.

Grace is a noun.

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In Munay….

Who Comes First In Your Life?



This may cause some discomfort. This may elicit some comments, but I’m going to say it anyway.

Stop putting everyone else before you.

When my husband and I got married, a friend gave me some advice. He said, ‘Always put your marriage before your kids.’ (Since I wasn’t having kids, that didn’t appall me as you might expect it to…) And I wondered, well, if that’s the case, shouldn’t you take it a step back and put yourself before your spouse? And, as it turns out, yes, you should.

Now everyone calm down. I realize that that statement sounds completely selfish. And I guess it is to a certain extent. But I’m not talking about being selfish and always taking the last piece of pizza from the box, or always throwing your clothes on the floor expecting your spouse to pick them up. What I’m talking about is taking the time you need to become your best self. Think about it. How can you best serve those around you? My answer is, by being the best that I can be. If I’m my very best, than I can’t give less to those around me.

I recently had a conversation with a friend who was being sucked back in to a caregiver role. Been there, done that, I said. In my case what I found when being that caregiver was that while doing so, I started to completely lose myself. After awhile I realized it and ever so slowly started taking just a bit more time for me. What I found when I did was that the balance started shifting. Once it did, I was actually a better caregiver. And…this is big…that better caregiving allowed the person I was taking care of to grow himself and take his own power back. So here’s my challenge to you….

Stop putting everyone else before you….and watch them thrive.

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In Munay….