Find Something Good About It.


Those of you who have been reading this blog for a bit have heard me say, when you’re feeling negative about something, you need to reach for a better feeling thought. So, if you’ve got something stuck in your craw, you need to turn away from it and think and feel your way out of the muck. You need to find something else to think about. But what if that’s not possible? Like what if the thing causing the problem is work and you really can’t just get up and walk away from your job to go to the beach? What if you absolutely can’t stop dealing with what you’re dealing with right now? What if you can’t walk away from it? What then?

Find the positive aspects and start a rampage.

I know, I know, right now you’re saying, “There ARE no positive aspects!” But my guess is there are. You just might have to be creative about it.

See, the thoughts you choose to shift yourself out of the negativity don’t have to be these incredibly profound, deep, intense thoughts. The tiniest thought can help you pivot out of a potential negative spiral and start you heading in the right direction again. So here’s an example (a dramatic one, but I’m trying to make a point):

You’re at work and the energy is just toxic. Your counterpart in your office is taking all the credit for your idea. Your boss is rewarding him/her with tickets to the big game this weekend. (You actually saw your counterpart stick his/her tongue out at you.) Plus, boss man is blaming you for dropping the ball with a client account and you have to work all weekend.

Not much positive to go on, right? But again, those positive aspects don’t need to be huge. You just need to start a rampage…. How about:

Well, I do get overtime. It will be quiet in here all weekend and I can watch the game on my computer. Once I’m done with the work I can use the good printer to print more resumes. I don’t have to dress nice. It’s supposed to rain this weekend anyway. If I didn’t have to work, I’d just be cleaning the house.

Did you feel that little shift there? Did you feel how it cut the toxicity of the whole situation a bit? Now, I know it didn’t make you happy to be working this weekend, but it DID stop the negative spiral. And once you stop that spiral, once you shift, it gets easier and easier to get the rampage going. And once the rampage is going, it gets easier and easier to come up with better and better positive aspects. So, next time you’re wallowing…

Start a rampage.

To learn more about how your thoughts attract, check out my Resources page and grab a book or two.

In Munay….

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