The Past is the Past. Stay Present.


I talk to client, friends, and family sometimes about things that have gone wrong in the past. Things that happened while they were growing up, traumas they may have suffered, accidents they may have been through…and it’s always clear that these ‘things’—whatever they are—stay with us. Because we bring them with us. We carry them around like badges of honor. When we’re talking we tell others, “Well, the reason I act this way, is because _____ happened to me when I was 5.” We hold on to this stuff. We wave it around. In short…

We use it as a crutch.

When we can blame some element of our personality or behavior on someone or something from our past, we don’t have to be responsible for it. “I’m this way because of that.” And sometimes we go to a therapist, or counselor, or a friend, whomever, to help us change our lives and get over that ‘thing.’ And then what do we do? We talk about it, we dissect it, we explain it, we relive it. Over and over and over again.

Now think about that for a minute. How can you possibly move forward from some trauma, abuse, wrong-doing, etc., if you’re constantly waving the flag of it? It may have happened 5, 10, 20 years ago, but you’re keeping it in your NOW. Remember the Law of Attraction? “That which is like on to itself is drawn.” You get what you focus on.

When you’re thinking of the past your bringing it in to your present.

So, okay, I get that we all have stuff from our past. We’ve all had some bad things happened to us. It’s okay to acknowledge it. It happened! But it’s time to let it go. It’s time to stay present. Ask yourself this…

What does your Now look like?

Then move forward from there.

To learn more about how your thoughts attract, check out my Resources page and grab a book or two.

In Munay….

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