The Universe Is in Divine Order. Just Let Go Already…


So last week was an exhausting week for me. I was backing up another freelancer for one of my writing clients and the additional work was keeping me tightly wound. Add to that a continual misunderstanding with a friend/co-worker from my other career and the result was me obsessing. As in, lying awake at night trying desperately to control both situations, trying my best to make it work out the way I thought it should. “Why aren’t they getting this? Why are they doing this to me? I’m doing the best I can! I need them to understand! I need ______ to happen!” When what I should have been doing was…

Letting go.

Because what I was reminded of this past weekend…and really, what I find over and over each and every time I do let go…is that the Universe is in fact in divine order and if I get out of the way of it (whatever ‘it’ is), it will all work out. Same as what I’ve been saying about those things you’re trying to manifest. If you get out of the way of it, and stop trying to control the how and when of it coming to you, it will.

You see, because of the contrast of every day life, you know what you do want. Whether you say it out loud or not, Universe/God/Spirit says, ‘Cool, got it.’ And then waits for you to stop resisting it, to start feeling good, to start having those wonderful feeling thoughts, to get out of the way. Once you do, Universe takes the path of least resistance to get it to you. And that path might not be the path you thought it would be. But so what? You got ‘it’ anyway. ‘It’ worked out anyway.

So, this weekend, I took my own advice (eventually…) and kind of just said, “Oh the heck with it. What EVER! I’m exhausted from all this and I’m just done. I’m going to watch some football, have a cocktail, talk to a good friend, laugh with my husband, pet my dogs and just forget about it.” And wouldn’t you know, I got a text, I got a call, I got an email, I got a visit. And I realized (again) the Universe is in divine order. It all worked out the way it was supposed to. Better than I could have made it if I continued to try and wrestle it to the ground.

(And then I thought, “What a gigantic waste of time that was! How could I have been so stupid! I’m such a fool….” Guess we’ll deal with that in another blog…)

So, next time you feel yourself struggling to control some situation, trying to wrestle it to the ground…

Just let go…and see what happens.

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In Munay….

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