You Don’t Need Anyone Else to Agree With You.


In last week’s blog, I talked about not sinking to anyone else’s level. Not buying in to their misery, or suffering, or negativity. And I mentioned how those people that are so vocal about their negativity really want others to agree with them, or get on board with them, because they feel there is safety in numbers. “If everyone feels the same as I do, then I must be right, my suffering must be so.” So now I’m going to flip that around. Just as you don’t need to get on board with anyone else’s negativity…you don’t need anyone else to get on board with your positivity.

You don’t need anyone else to get this in order for it to work for you.

I’ll admit it, the whole concept of the Law of Attraction is a bit crazy. You just think/feel good, positive things and they happen? WTF? When presented with something this weird, naturally we want others to agree with us in order to make it so. Unfortunately, if you’re dealing with a person who is used to hanging out near the bottom of the emotional scale in negativity and fear and lack, telling them about all this and expecting them to come up to where you are is never going to work. And that’s okay. As long as you stay vibrating near the top of the emotional scale…all by yourself…with no one else believing it…

The Universe will STILL provide.

Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t share this amazing thing with whomever. Look at me! I’m sharing it all over the place! However, I don’t really care if anyone gets it. Sure, I want them to, but it’s not going to effect me if they don’t.

So share all you want! Just don’t let a doubter talk you out of what you know. You don’t need anyone to agree with you.

(But, IF you’re one of those people who find safety in numbers? Okay. I agree with you. So now there’s two of us…)

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In Munay….

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