Don’t Sink to Anyone’s Level…


We’ve all got those people in our lives. The ones whom answer the question, “How’s it going?” with a list of all the things that suck for them. Example. “I’m so tired today, didn’t sleep well. And now I have a meeting that’s going to take all afternoon and I just know my boss is going to give me extra work and then I’m going to be up all night again trying to finish it. I hate this job. I’ve gotta find a new one, but I know there’s just nothing out there. Every time I go for something, someone else gets it. It’s like the world is against me!”


Now, because we know about the Law of Attraction, we know that the problem with these people is they’re wallowing in their negativity. Their hope is that by complaining about it, somehow we, or the world, will feel sorry for them and thereby make it better for them. They want everyone else to feel the same as they do because there’s safety in numbers. What WE know, but they don’t get, is that they’re creating their own reality. By dwelling on all that’s going wrong in their lives, they’re KEEPING it in their lives. But the thing WE need to watch out for is our reaction to them. When faced with someone like this, how do you respond?

Human nature causes us to react with sympathy. “Oh I know! I didn’t sleep well last night either. And I’ve got a bunch today too. And you’re right about that job market, but what are we to do….” And often, it’s not even because we agree, we’re just trying to make someone feel better about what’s happening in their lives. Think about the last time you had to react like that to someone. It didn’t feel very well did it? It felt weird. You didn’t agree with how crappy the world is, but you went there in order to make them feel a bit better. AND you certainly didn’t want them to know how happy you were and how awesome your life is because that would just be cruel. Unfortunately, by trying to sympathize and make them feel better…

We’re sinking to their level and bringing all that crap to us.

By agreeing with, sympathizing with, by acknowledging how bad someone else has it, we’re bringing their negativity in to our lives. So what should you do? Bring up all that’s good in their world, change the subject, make them laugh; share something exciting that happened in your life. By not dropping down to their level, one of two things will happen. They’ll either listen to you and start to shift their perspective…or they’ll find someone else to complain to.

Either way is a win for you…

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In Munay….

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1 thought on “Don’t Sink to Anyone’s Level…

  1. I have one of those at work and just recently realized I was doing exactly the same thing every time I spoke with her. Well, I’ve stopped! I will continue to be sunny and shine on!

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