Life Is Like a Buffet


In a previous blog (Don’t Push Against…Pull For) I talked about how you need to stop paying attention to all those bad things out there in the world and only give your attention to those things that you want. And I said how a bunch of people would be pissed at me for making it sound so easy. Again, I get it. So I’m going to try and simplify even more by way of a great analogy. I’ve mentioned before that I start off every day with a quote from Abraham-Hicks. One of my favorites talks about life being sort of like a buffet. When you go to a buffet you only put those foods on your plate that you know you like. You love shrimp, there’s a pile of shrimp on the buffet, therefore, you put shrimp on your plate. However, if you hate oysters, and you see them on the buffet, you don’t automatically put them on your plate just because there’s a pile of them in front of you. You don’t say, “Bummer! I hate oysters, but there they are so I guess I have to eat them.” Well….

It’s the same with everything else in your world.

Let’s use TV as an example. So, it’s 6:30 p.m. on any given weekday and you’re sitting in front of the TV. You have a choice. Do you watch the evening news and hear about everything going on in the world, or do you turn on a Big Bang rerun (and you can ALWAYS find one)? Now, most of you will think that the only correct answer to be happy is Big Bang, right? Well that’s not necessarily true.

When you’re choosing what to watch…or put on your plate…you need to pay attention to how YOU feel. So, for me, most days, the rerun makes me laugh, it makes me relax, it takes me away and I enjoy it. The news sometimes gives me anxiety and fills me with sadness. So yes, I’m watching Big Bang. That’s what I’m putting on my plate. But that may not be the right answer for you. Maybe you’re not bothered by the evening news, maybe it makes you feel informed and empowered. Maybe you feel good watching it. Then that’s what you put on your plate.

When it comes to your world, it’s about what makes YOU feel better or worse. And that may not be the same thing that makes someone else feel better or worse. And that’s okay. Remember, it’s your buffet…

What are you putting on your plate?

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In Munay….

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