You Don’t Need Anyone Else to Agree With You.


In last week’s blog, I talked about not sinking to anyone else’s level. Not buying in to their misery, or suffering, or negativity. And I mentioned how those people that are so vocal about their negativity really want others to agree with them, or get on board with them, because they feel there is safety in numbers. “If everyone feels the same as I do, then I must be right, my suffering must be so.” So now I’m going to flip that around. Just as you don’t need to get on board with anyone else’s negativity…you don’t need anyone else to get on board with your positivity.

You don’t need anyone else to get this in order for it to work for you.

I’ll admit it, the whole concept of the Law of Attraction is a bit crazy. You just think/feel good, positive things and they happen? WTF? When presented with something this weird, naturally we want others to agree with us in order to make it so. Unfortunately, if you’re dealing with a person who is used to hanging out near the bottom of the emotional scale in negativity and fear and lack, telling them about all this and expecting them to come up to where you are is never going to work. And that’s okay. As long as you stay vibrating near the top of the emotional scale…all by yourself…with no one else believing it…

The Universe will STILL provide.

Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t share this amazing thing with whomever. Look at me! I’m sharing it all over the place! However, I don’t really care if anyone gets it. Sure, I want them to, but it’s not going to effect me if they don’t.

So share all you want! Just don’t let a doubter talk you out of what you know. You don’t need anyone to agree with you.

(But, IF you’re one of those people who find safety in numbers? Okay. I agree with you. So now there’s two of us…)

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In Munay….

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Don’t Sink to Anyone’s Level…


We’ve all got those people in our lives. The ones whom answer the question, “How’s it going?” with a list of all the things that suck for them. Example. “I’m so tired today, didn’t sleep well. And now I have a meeting that’s going to take all afternoon and I just know my boss is going to give me extra work and then I’m going to be up all night again trying to finish it. I hate this job. I’ve gotta find a new one, but I know there’s just nothing out there. Every time I go for something, someone else gets it. It’s like the world is against me!”


Now, because we know about the Law of Attraction, we know that the problem with these people is they’re wallowing in their negativity. Their hope is that by complaining about it, somehow we, or the world, will feel sorry for them and thereby make it better for them. They want everyone else to feel the same as they do because there’s safety in numbers. What WE know, but they don’t get, is that they’re creating their own reality. By dwelling on all that’s going wrong in their lives, they’re KEEPING it in their lives. But the thing WE need to watch out for is our reaction to them. When faced with someone like this, how do you respond?

Human nature causes us to react with sympathy. “Oh I know! I didn’t sleep well last night either. And I’ve got a bunch today too. And you’re right about that job market, but what are we to do….” And often, it’s not even because we agree, we’re just trying to make someone feel better about what’s happening in their lives. Think about the last time you had to react like that to someone. It didn’t feel very well did it? It felt weird. You didn’t agree with how crappy the world is, but you went there in order to make them feel a bit better. AND you certainly didn’t want them to know how happy you were and how awesome your life is because that would just be cruel. Unfortunately, by trying to sympathize and make them feel better…

We’re sinking to their level and bringing all that crap to us.

By agreeing with, sympathizing with, by acknowledging how bad someone else has it, we’re bringing their negativity in to our lives. So what should you do? Bring up all that’s good in their world, change the subject, make them laugh; share something exciting that happened in your life. By not dropping down to their level, one of two things will happen. They’ll either listen to you and start to shift their perspective…or they’ll find someone else to complain to.

Either way is a win for you…

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In Munay….

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Get Out of the Way or Red Light, Green Light


Today I’d like to talk a bit about getting out of the way of your own thoughts and emotions. I’ve talked before about putting your dreams out there (If You Build It, They Will Come) and not worrying about the HOW and the WHEN, but focusing on the WHAT and the WHY. Basically what I’m telling you when I say that is…

Get out of the way.

What you need to know is that the Universe (or Spirit or God or whatever label you want to use) is in divine order. Now, because of the Law of Attraction, you can’t help putting things out there. Something happens that you DON’T want and you instantly know what you DO want. So does the Universe. And it immediately starts gathering those things you want and orchestrating a way to get them to you. However, in order to get these things, you need to be vibrating at a higher level. In other words, you need to be happy and joyful and excitedly expecting/believing. But what usually happens is we say, “Well where the hell is my stuff? I put it out there like Geri said and I’m not seeing it!” The question then is, what are you focusing on at that moment? And the answer is…

The fact that what you want isn’t here yet.

So in essence, you’re focusing on the lack of what you want…so, you’re right back where you started. What’s your choice? Get out of the way of it, or think Red Light, Green Light.

Not sure if you ever played it, but Red Light, Green Light was a game were someone was ‘It’ and the rest of the players were spread out around the yard facing ‘It’. ‘It’ would face everyone and say ‘Red Light!’ and no one could move. ‘It’ would then turn around and say ‘Green Light!’ and all the others would try to move their way towards ‘It’ to tag him or her. But ‘It’ could turn back around and say ‘Red Light!’ whenever he or she wanted and everyone had to freeze!

That’s what the Universe is doing. When you’re thinking positive, happy, joyful thoughts about those awesome things you want and how great it’s going to be when you get them, you’re telling the Universe ‘Green Light!!!!’ And that stuff is headed your way! When your thoughts are focused on the fact that you don’t have the awesome things you want and why aren’t they here, you’re telling the Universe ‘Red Light!!!’ And the Universe has to stop and wait for you to get back to happy.

So now the question is, what color is your light?

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In Munay….

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Life Is Like a Buffet


In a previous blog (Don’t Push Against…Pull For) I talked about how you need to stop paying attention to all those bad things out there in the world and only give your attention to those things that you want. And I said how a bunch of people would be pissed at me for making it sound so easy. Again, I get it. So I’m going to try and simplify even more by way of a great analogy. I’ve mentioned before that I start off every day with a quote from Abraham-Hicks. One of my favorites talks about life being sort of like a buffet. When you go to a buffet you only put those foods on your plate that you know you like. You love shrimp, there’s a pile of shrimp on the buffet, therefore, you put shrimp on your plate. However, if you hate oysters, and you see them on the buffet, you don’t automatically put them on your plate just because there’s a pile of them in front of you. You don’t say, “Bummer! I hate oysters, but there they are so I guess I have to eat them.” Well….

It’s the same with everything else in your world.

Let’s use TV as an example. So, it’s 6:30 p.m. on any given weekday and you’re sitting in front of the TV. You have a choice. Do you watch the evening news and hear about everything going on in the world, or do you turn on a Big Bang rerun (and you can ALWAYS find one)? Now, most of you will think that the only correct answer to be happy is Big Bang, right? Well that’s not necessarily true.

When you’re choosing what to watch…or put on your plate…you need to pay attention to how YOU feel. So, for me, most days, the rerun makes me laugh, it makes me relax, it takes me away and I enjoy it. The news sometimes gives me anxiety and fills me with sadness. So yes, I’m watching Big Bang. That’s what I’m putting on my plate. But that may not be the right answer for you. Maybe you’re not bothered by the evening news, maybe it makes you feel informed and empowered. Maybe you feel good watching it. Then that’s what you put on your plate.

When it comes to your world, it’s about what makes YOU feel better or worse. And that may not be the same thing that makes someone else feel better or worse. And that’s okay. Remember, it’s your buffet…

What are you putting on your plate?

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In Munay….

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