If You Build It, They Will Come…

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As I was sitting here today thinking over what I wanted to say, I realized that I have said, “If you build it, they will come,” more over the past two weeks than I have altogether since that awesome baseball movie came out. I’ve said it to friends talking about their lives and careers, I’ve said it to my colleagues when talking about my own life and career, and I’ve said it to clients. And I’ve realized…again…for like the 100th time….that it’s totally true.

It’s called prepaving. If you want something, let the Universe know by creating a space for it.

Okay, so some examples. Suppose you want a new car, but really have no idea how you’re going to swing getting that new car. Don’t worry about the ‘how’ just prepave. How about cleaning the garage out? Creating that perfect space for that beautiful new vehicle. Put those little mat things down so those squeaky new tires don’t mess up the pavement. Tie that tennis ball from the ceiling so you know exactly when to stop when you pull in. Build that garage in preparation for that car. Then spend some time daydreaming about it. What color do you want? Is it an automatic? A sweet little sports car? Build that car in your mind.

What if the thing you want isn’t quite as tangible. No worries, you can still ‘build it.’ Let’s say you want out of your current career and you want to start working from home. Build your office! Pick the room you’re going to set up as your office and start setting it up! Put a new coat of paint on the wall. Move a desk in there, get your computer up and running, hang those inspirational posters on the walls. Then, again, spend some time daydreaming about what your day will be like when you work from home for yourself. Will you be writing? Will you be out and about some days visiting clients? Will you be taking Fridays off all summer? Pretend it’s already happened. Don’t worry about the ‘HOW’ just focus on the ‘WHAT’ and the Universe will provide. It’s the law….

So, ask yourself this…what are you building?

To learn more about how your thoughts attract, check out my Resources page and grab a book or two.

In Munay….

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