A Headache Is Never Just a Headache


Okay, so we know that everything is energy, including your thoughts. And we know that like attracts like. Therefore, it stands to reason that if we’re putting bad stuff out, we’re going to be getting bad stuff in. But, did you know that that bad stuff can manifest into physical ailments or dis-eases?

When I was first wrapping my head around that aspect of the Law of Attraction, I had a conversation with a close friend. I said, ‘Yes, I get the whole Law of Attraction thing, but isn’t a headache sometimes just a headache?’ And the answer, of course, is no. The negative thoughts you think about yourself, others, the world around you, etc. will, if given time, manifest in to unwanted physical issues. On the other hand, the good thoughts you think, especially about yourself, will manifest in positive physical ways!

I’ll give you an example. That headache I was talking about? That’s all about invalidating yourself, or criticizing yourself. There’s an amazing book out there by Louise Hay called You Can Heal Your Life. In it, she tells her story, but also includes this great list of ailments or physical issues and what they mean, then gives you a different way of thinking. A mantra of sorts. When I feel something coming up in my body, I immediately reach for that book. (There’s also an app for that…I swear.)

So, the question is. Where do you hurt?

To learn more about how your thoughts manifest into the physical, I highly recommend checking out Louise Hay’s awesome book,

Happy 4th of July All!

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