If You Build It, They Will Come…

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As I was sitting here today thinking over what I wanted to say, I realized that I have said, “If you build it, they will come,” more over the past two weeks than I have altogether since that awesome baseball movie came out. I’ve said it to friends talking about their lives and careers, I’ve said it to my colleagues when talking about my own life and career, and I’ve said it to clients. And I’ve realized…again…for like the 100th time….that it’s totally true.

It’s called prepaving. If you want something, let the Universe know by creating a space for it.

Okay, so some examples. Suppose you want a new car, but really have no idea how you’re going to swing getting that new car. Don’t worry about the ‘how’ just prepave. How about cleaning the garage out? Creating that perfect space for that beautiful new vehicle. Put those little mat things down so those squeaky new tires don’t mess up the pavement. Tie that tennis ball from the ceiling so you know exactly when to stop when you pull in. Build that garage in preparation for that car. Then spend some time daydreaming about it. What color do you want? Is it an automatic? A sweet little sports car? Build that car in your mind.

What if the thing you want isn’t quite as tangible. No worries, you can still ‘build it.’ Let’s say you want out of your current career and you want to start working from home. Build your office! Pick the room you’re going to set up as your office and start setting it up! Put a new coat of paint on the wall. Move a desk in there, get your computer up and running, hang those inspirational posters on the walls. Then, again, spend some time daydreaming about what your day will be like when you work from home for yourself. Will you be writing? Will you be out and about some days visiting clients? Will you be taking Fridays off all summer? Pretend it’s already happened. Don’t worry about the ‘HOW’ just focus on the ‘WHAT’ and the Universe will provide. It’s the law….

So, ask yourself this…what are you building?

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In Munay….

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History Will Repeat Itself…


I start every day by reading a quote from Abraham-Hicks, in my opinion, the ultimate teachers of the Law of Attraction. Today’s quote was a great one dealing with something I try to explain to people fairly often.

“If you examine your history, you cannot help but repeat it! Law of Attraction says it is so: ‘Whatever I am looking at, I am including in my vibration.’”


In today’s society, we tend to go over and over and over all those things that have been done to us. All those things that explain why we feel the way we do. All those things that are the reasons we aren’t happy, or can’t find the right partner, or aren’t understood by friends and family. We constantly examine what happened to us in the past. We blame the people or things in our past for the problems we feel we have today. We find a therapist to help us dissect our past, we find a group where we can discuss our past, we join a forum where we can write about our past. And we go over it again and again and again. In other words,

We keep a victim mentality constantly swirling in our vibration allowing history to repeat itself.

So, okay, I get it. We all want to figure out why we do the things we do. Why we may not have the job we want, or the spouse we seek, or the money we need. And it’s not a bad idea to go back to the past and see where things might have changed for you, where things started to go wrong. And it can be a great Ah-Ha! moment when we find that turning point, or realize why we react the way we do. Unfortunately, most of us don’t take the correct next step.

Instead of simply acknowledging our history and leaving it back there, we hang on to it. We use it as a crutch. We almost become proud of it. “Well, I have trouble with [fill in blank] because I had a dysfunctional relationship with my Mother…”

By talking about it, writing about it, discussing it with friends, all we’re doing is keeping it in our vibration. And here’s the thing. The Universe doesn’t care whether it happened 20 years ago or yesterday. All the Universe knows is that it’s in your vibration NOW.

So the question is…

What are you repeating?

To learn more about how your thoughts attract, check out my Resources page and grab a book or two.

In Munay….

Move Yourself Up the Emotional Scale…


Okay, so we know about the Law of Attraction…like attracts like, what we focus on, we get. Therefore, we know not to focus on those things we do not want. If you read my last entry, that’s the pushing against aspect of this whole thing. What you resist, persists. In other words, because you’re focusing on the bad, it will stay in your vibration. So suppose you find yourself focusing on what you don’t want. You catch yourself and say, ‘Oh no! I’m focusing on the bad stuff. The stuff that I don’t want!’ What then? You need to change the way you’re feeling. But here’s the thing…

You don’t have to make yourself feel good about what was making you feel bad.

Hear me out. There’s this emotional scale. All emotions vibrate at a particular frequency (remember, everything is energy and everything is vibrating). The bad feeling emotions (fear, grief, despair, etc.) vibrate at the bottom of the scale and the good feeling emotions (joy, appreciation, happiness, love, etc.) vibrate at the top of the scale. Obviously, we want to hang out more at the top of the scale than at the bottom of the scale.

Now, back to your bad thoughts. Let’s suppose you’re having those bad thoughts and feelings about money, or lack there of. You may feel fear or depression because you don’t have enough, or powerlessness because you can’t find a job that will give you enough. You’re definitely hanging out at the lower end of the emotional scale.

So don’t just stop thinking about the lack of money. Stop thinking about money all together. If you’re really in a bad place with money, you’re not going to be able to convince yourself, “Oh well. No biggie. I feel great about money!” And you don’t need to. Just find something to think about that moves you up the emotional scale. You don’t have to make yourself feel good about the lack of money.

Just make yourself feel good.

Physically stop yourself. Touch base with your thoughts. And find one that feels better. Then find another. Then another. Move yourself up the emotional scale. Find something to appreciate. Find something to love. Listen to your favorite music. Pet your dog. Talk a walk on the beach. Watch a funny movie. Read a great book. By doing so, you’ll move yourself up the scale. You’ll no longer be in fear, grief, and depression, but will be hanging out in optimism, appreciation, happiness, and joy.

Once you’re vibrating at a higher level, then the good stuff…including the money…will come.

It’s the law.

To learn more about the Law of Attraction, and about your Emotional Guidance Scale, I highly recommend Ask and It Is Given by Abraham-Hicks. Here’s the link, or just check out my Resources page and grab a book or two.

In Munay….

Don’t Push Against…Pull For


So I get a lot of people asking me how to stay positive and have good thoughts when it comes to all the crap that happens in the world or in our lives on a daily basis. And my answer is always simple. “Stop paying attention to it.” (Trust me, I know that answer will really piss some people off…my Mom hated when I said that…love you mean it Mom!)

Since we know that like attracts like, why would you want to pay attention to anything that you don’t want in your life? “But Geri,” I hear you all saying, “It’s real and it’s happening and we have to DO something about it!” And I say…

The best thing you can do to correct all that you perceive as ‘wrong’ in this world is to stop supplying that ‘wrong’ with energy. In other words, don’t push against those things you DON’T want, pull for the things you DO want.

So let’s say you have a problem with our current pack of politicians, or your own Home Owners Association, or even the guy driving down the road doing 25 in a 35 (this is a personal favorite of mine…). Human nature wants you to fight against that government, or that board, or that slow poke ahead of you. But, what you resist persists. So, if I’m sitting in my car ranting and raving about how slow this guy is driving, or watching the news every night shaking my head at all the doom and gloom….I’m just keeping it active in my vibration. Sooooooo, all that stuff is going to continue to show up in my life.

So, the question is. Are you pushing or pulling?

If instead of pushing against what you don’t want, you focus on what you do want, then THOSE things start showing up in your life. Try it. It works. If you don’t like what you see on TV, think about and imagine what you would like to see on TV. If you don’t like how your board is running things, think about and imagine the kind of board you do want. And instead of flipping off the guy in front of you…imagine that road ahead of you as completely clear.

Stop pushing. Spend some time pulling. You will be amazed at what starts appearing in your world and what stops…

To learn more about how your thoughts attract, check out my Resources page and grab a book or two.

In Munay….

A Headache Is Never Just a Headache


Okay, so we know that everything is energy, including your thoughts. And we know that like attracts like. Therefore, it stands to reason that if we’re putting bad stuff out, we’re going to be getting bad stuff in. But, did you know that that bad stuff can manifest into physical ailments or dis-eases?

When I was first wrapping my head around that aspect of the Law of Attraction, I had a conversation with a close friend. I said, ‘Yes, I get the whole Law of Attraction thing, but isn’t a headache sometimes just a headache?’ And the answer, of course, is no. The negative thoughts you think about yourself, others, the world around you, etc. will, if given time, manifest in to unwanted physical issues. On the other hand, the good thoughts you think, especially about yourself, will manifest in positive physical ways!

I’ll give you an example. That headache I was talking about? That’s all about invalidating yourself, or criticizing yourself. There’s an amazing book out there by Louise Hay called You Can Heal Your Life. In it, she tells her story, but also includes this great list of ailments or physical issues and what they mean, then gives you a different way of thinking. A mantra of sorts. When I feel something coming up in my body, I immediately reach for that book. (There’s also an app for that…I swear.)

So, the question is. Where do you hurt?

To learn more about how your thoughts manifest into the physical, I highly recommend checking out Louise Hay’s awesome book,

Happy 4th of July All!

In Munay….